please empty your brain below

What an amazing experience!! I didn't expect the geysir to have a blue hue. Impressive. Enjoy your tour over there. :D

Nice webcam action

Well it gives a completely new take on 'watching water boil'. I love how all geysers are named after Geysir. I remember back in 2003 in NZ seeing Lady Knox geyser, the guide didn't know what geyser really meant.

Ah. NZ geysers. The guide book assured us that the thing was regular as clockwork and if we turned up at the right time we would see it in action. So we went and sure enough on cue it did its dramatic display. The wonder was rather dampened when one knew that the park ranger preceded this by pouring a little washing up liquid into the hole to break the surface tension.

I think I'm rather over-using the word 'amazing'...but these images definitely qualify for the adjective. Thanks DG. :)

I can't help thinking that they used to 'prime' the biggun - that's the one I saw I think.

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