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Thanks for getting to Thamesmead. LOVE that place... ish. Look forward to the really bad bit when you get to Bexley!

Thamesmead was where 'Beautiful Thing' was filmed. But I wouldn't go there...

The walk from the Royal Arsenal round to Thamesmead is quite something - and it's incredible that Thamesmead Town Centre is so hard to reach on foot.

Hey, it's a shame you missed the Rotunda*, back when it used to be open to the public.
I used to love going there as a kid, because you could climb on the big guns, outside, and handle the smaller ones, inside. Yup, row upon row of Henry Martinis and Webleys and Smith & Wessons, and nothing more to hold them in there racks than a bit of chain through their trigger-guards.
*Yes, I know I don't need to explain more, because I just >know< you're going to look it up

FYI, the Royal Arsenal site also houses the Greenwich Heritage Museum, which is also of local interest.

dg writes: FYI, I've already been.

Does the Cutty Sark pub have a large blue blob adorning its frontage to make it patronisingly obvious that it has disabled accessibility?

geoff - Thamesmead is so far from the edge of the tube map, I doubt the symbol would be widely understood.

Who was Joyce Dawson, I wonder? ( a quick internet search drew a blank - a one-time local councillor??) In Germany the street sign would have had a small description of the eponymous Joyce. In Britain, it all seems rather meaningless to name streets or blocks after people for whom residents, especially after a generation or two, have no clue as to who they were.

Wow, Nice place, I want to go to that place. It is nice to visit there. Thamesmead Town Centre is great place to go with. Where can I find that place?

Isn't Greggs better known for its pasties than its pastries?

I think I fancy a sausage roll for lunch now...

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