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(2018 update)
Interesting lack of Wales. Any reason for this?
There be dragons, Tom.
(2018 update)

You still really need to get out more!
So much more to Scotland than Edinburgh DG!
And yet still no visit to Luton.
get about a bit, don't you DG
I've just been re-reading your Durham blog ... hope you make it back soon
A trip to the Brecon Beacons and/or Snowdonia national parks would help fill the Wales entries.
Should it not read 'The diamond geezer Tour of England', with a couple of supporting seaside and capital acts.

Is Wales really that boring, or accesibleless, likewise the purple bit.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the green bit. I finally managed to get there last year, and the Giants Causeway was the wow I had hoped for. Mind you, I was well into my fifties, so it took me a long time too.
Ken - if you think the green bit is Northern Ireland, your geography is highly suspect.
Northern Ireland isn't part of Britain
@Greg Obviously Wales is red (dragon), England is white (rose), Scotland purple (heather), and the Emerald Isle is green, and it only rained one day when we were there, both parts that is, so I could see the scenery.

I admit that there are not many parks in Belfast, or am I missing your point. Confused.ken
I know you're an Oxford man, DG, but really, no visit to Cambridge??
DG may I suggest a 'compare & contrast' trip to Frinton-on-Sea and Jaywick in sunny Essex.

dg wries: Ah, I missed Jaywick. Added, thanks.
And you really ought to see Cheltenham and district someday.
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I see you visited Bournemouth, Poole, & Sandbanks, but didn't venture across on the chain ferry to Studland & Swanage.
You’d fit in well on YouTube, DG. lots of commenters ready to telll you what you’ve not done, and why you’re wrong. Easy transition.
@geofftech says someone who's never even been to the Isle of Wight!
Thanks for this DG. I had bookmarked your previous previous 'Tour' page and use it for inspiration on where to go (cost of train tickets permitting).
I'm off to the UK this week so I'll have to have a look through this new updated page.

dg writes: It's also always in the sidebar, just above the archive.
Banbury is missing! It is less than an hour by Marylebone, has a famous Cross, lots of civil war history and Banbury Cakes.
Thanks to your tour page I had a nice walk around Matlock yesterday.
I was thinking of going to Sheffield today and notice you haven't been there yet, there's a day out for you to plan.
There's a bit more to Wales than Cardiff and Mumbles. I thorough exploration is highly recommended.

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