please empty your brain below

Odd way of commemorating the Lizzy Line's first anniversary. There's more later today, right?
I always thought it was: "Mind..........The Gap"
The revenge of the sign writer! Love it.
If I'm interpreting correctly: enjoy your day off, dg :)
Does it line up with a set of doors, or just send a message to a random part of the train.
Why is there no gap between 'mind' and 'the'?
Perfect - hope it's not been generated by AI.
What is keming?
Personally there are some gaps I very much mind, notably those on the vicious cambered curves at Baker Street, Embankment, Bank and Piccadilly Circus. The rest I don't particularly mind.
If you're old enough to remember the RP announcement it was Mind...The Gep".
nuff said.
Of course it could be about the growing numbers of...

dg interrupts: don't blow my next story, thanks.
If you're missing out on something to read today, why not check this new TfL blogpost entitled Visit the London Cable Car Experience and imagine I'm ripping the piss out of it.
When you win the pools or the lottery I would like to think that you would take all your devoted readers for a wonderful Dangleway experience, but .... it will probably never happen.
Jesus, Mother of God, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey that TfL blog cannot be real! It's a pastiche, you wrote it!
I hear this post being spoken in William Shatner's voice. Or perhaps Christopher Walken.
The blog's had more visitors today than on any other day this month, I suspect thanks to returnees thinking "surely he must have written something else".
At the University of Hull, circa 1973, there was a reserved parking space for the (painted on tarmac) DEANO FARTS

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