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An irony meter could be useful with this post. I think you are being ironic when you talk about how brilliantly the transport flowed during the Olympics but I'm not quite sure!
For several days I’ve been having problems with the comments box. The box always appears but sometimes it is just a white blank. The problem is completely random, I cannot see any pattern to it at all.
I don’t speak techie but if anyone has any suggestions I will pass them on to my Mr Fix-It.
(It took three goes before I got it this time.)
I presume that 9th September will be the last time members of the public will be able to see the Olympic Park in all its glory. When it reopens gradually over the next few years it will be the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The signs have already been put up in the ex Olympic Park approaches with the new name which has been really confusing. Especially as the signs point to areas that are out of bounds at the moment.

I dont think its necessary to change plans, i live in woolwich and i travel on the dlr to bank and then central to holborn and i did my normal journey during the olympics and it was fine
GAA, on your technical comment, I've been seeing about 20mm off the comments over top of the dark grey background (at least in IE8 here at work), but only recently). And to read the full width of the comments text it is often necessary to centre the horizontal scroll bar in the window.
Eton Manor Gate much more useful for Paralympic Tennis. Did you see the silly comment in the paper complaining that it's not being played at Wimbledon? Of couse the wheels might sink into the grass!
@ Eskimo Pie, I always find that happens at work, not really a problem as it can be re-aligned. What is puzzling is when the work computer decides that the comments box is "tateless and offensive" and blocks it. When I get home, I can never see why. The most recent example was with the first 4 comments on Monday about ladies who bus.
Yes Rachel, but if everyone tries to make their normal journey during the Paralympics it may not be fine. Particularly after the end of the school holidays. DG is right to draw asttention to possible problems.
I think your comment that the Victoria Gate is "in the middle of nowhere" is completely unjustified, Bus route 339 from Shadwell stops about fifty metres away, Bus route 8 stops in Old ford road which is about 400 metres away, Bus route 276 stops about 100 metres away in Wansbeck road and Hackney Wick Station is a shorter walk to the park than from West Ham Station, if you do not like dense crowds and having to queue then the Victoria gate is the perfect choice.
>>"Brace for business unusual"

Slightly unfortunate, given the context, word choice there.
amber @ 4.08pm. Perhaps it was the words "ladies", "services" and "entertaining" that shocked your work computer.
Re my little tech problem, no "me too" responses means it must be happening at my end of the line, which at least has narrowed it down a bit.
@amber - funny! I use Firefox for Mac at home so it's always perfect ( ;-) ) but on IE at work I just expect a degree of ugliness and get on with reading the content. Back home now and the comments are automatically centred in the window, no matter how wide it is. Nice.
@xmb53 - they do play wheelchair tennis on the grass at Wimbledon but as this article says, it does cause a few problems.


I forgot about the kids returning to school!!! I shall have to see how it goes

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