please empty your brain below

You could go to an opera for £12. The Bear by William Walton is on at Goodenough College this (Sat) evening.
Time Out - doesn't even make good kitty litter wrapper so don't know what its purpose is these days.
you had me at eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
Maybe that's part of the trouble with the world nowadays...if you not "going-out", "meeting-up", going on holiday, having a day-out, weekend away, visiting family/friends, got somewhere to go, someone to see one will perhaps feel as if life/the world is passing you by.
You could give someone you love a hug.
Wasn't the annual date-based hug due for delivery last weekend..?
Well, I enjoyed the public art exhibition at Somerset House last night. Me, a couple of other people, and half a dozen staff. Perfect.
''What to do this weekend?'' Not decide what to do using Time Out!
trust me, even in the new crap timeout there is still tons more things to do than in king's lynn.
p9: event in March; food pop-up; restaurant opening; Surrey Docks Farm
Things to do in Hackney
p40-42: architecture exhibition
p52,53: go on a hobby-based course (£85, £35, £50, £60, £590, £10, £125, £60)
p55: beer festival (finished last night); royal pollination exhibition; comic convention
p59: go on a walking tour (£28, £9.50, £20 sold out, £10 sold out)
p61: there's a skull cup at the Natural History Museum
p62: Jewish Book Week; kids' literature festival; themed dinner £45; NY-style pop-up, drinks festival £50; supper club £35; three half-term activities for children
p72: ten gigs to book for this week
p78: plays/musicals/fringe (new and long-running)
p79: comedy nights (nine this week, five booking ahead)
p80,81: three new art shows reviewed, plus one long-running, plus four newly-opening

that's quite a few things to do....
This morning, I tried to find something in that magazine for English teaching. After about 10 minutes, I realized it to be a terrible idea.
"columnist writes generally about eels"

The last time I read TO was in the 70s and it had the Agitprop section which I guess it no longer has.
There's a free exhibition at Two Temple Place - "Beyond Beauty: Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt". Even if the subject matter is not of interest, it gives you a great opportunity to have a look round a superb building - the home of Lord Astor.
I was going through some old snippets of TO from about 10 years ago (they had a good London photo series) and saw your name writing walking articles for them! They won't be asking you back now...

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