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2) I haven't adjusted my wristwatch to summertime yet. As my journeys since the time change have been limited to supermarkets and the occasional cashpoint, I haven't felt the need to know the time while away from home.
10. I don’t understand the difference between ‘b’ and ‘c’.
5. I hope the planters will be maintained. But so much more appealing than the ugly concrete blocks which are so often used to achieve this end.
10. I was confused at first too, but I suspect that the Arsenal one is less than 400m as the crow flies
15 - I assume you were a Demon Internet customer. I sympathise but it's not like this hasn't been on the cards for years. Were you the "20-year customer" in this story?
11) I'm assuming the novel you've finished was either The Stand (Stephen King) or Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel). Both of these have crossed from my to-read pile to the have-read pile this year. The first in February before I grasped the fact that this is much worse than other scares (SARS, Bird flu) I've lived through, and the latter in April after an aborted attempt to start it in mid March was too scarily real.
2 - haven't worn a wristwatch for over 20 years, my boss was an early adopter of mobile phones, why carry two things that tell the time.

4 - there was no indication that the carrot had gone off when you were peeling it and chopping it up?

4/13/22 - my local supermarket has managed to add even more protective screens, still using cash at the self checkout as I want to get rid of my old £20 notes - still low on the choice of whiskeys, no vegetable issues whatsoever, there was a shortage of loose lemons back in April, so had to buy the ones already in a bag, has been a near thing once or twice on the frozen peas though.
15: Thankfully Hotmail isn't going to be bought by anyone else any time soon!
11. 'Be Prepared' I was taught aged 7 so I borrowed 8 books from my local library just pre-lockdown. Despite having more time to do so, I have found it difficult to concentrate on reading. I checked online yesterday; the return by date has been extended to the end of July. Understandable, if slightly depressing.
1: shame they cancelled Wimbledon, we need the rain.
15 - buy a .uk domain appropriate for your name & then forward email from there. Then if your provider is sold you can redirect somewhere else & don't have to be [email protected]. It's only about £5 a year or less.
31) SPECULATION: the sunny weather is in part down to the reduced number of flights over the last ten weeks. The same phenomenon was observed in the USA when the skies were closed in the days after the WTC attacks. Reduced global dimming normally caused by aircraft emissions was one theory postulated at the time.

  !  Get the facts about contrails  
8. It's a boxful in our house. But the same reluctance to dispose of any, just in case....
15) I went through this pain last year. My C&W-NTL-Virgin had to close because Virgin do not cover the part of the country I moved to.
Efforts to get some companies to update my e mail address are futile, and anybody who sends mail to my old address does not get any sort of feedback that the address is closed, so probably think I am ignoring them.
20 It's good to see the Amazon vans socially distancing in the photo.
10. Us locals still call the station Gillespie Road. Arsenal is in Woolwich.
1 & 31. I'm loving the sun, hating that I can't be out in it more and fed up with watering the pots in the garden!

2. Several days passed before I remembered to change the calendar in the kitchen!

5. Great idea, but thanks to 1 & 31 I fear the occupants might be doomed!

6. I spend a lot of time staring up into the pear tree in my neighbour's garden, vainly trying to spot the birds I can no longer see!

8. I've decided to wait until Autumn to do my spring cleaning now!

11. I didn't, and had only 1 book I was half way through! Thankfully I have a shelf of books received as gifts I've been saving for such an occasion.

12. I would have taken two of them.

25. My community work group has been given the go ahead to resume. Yesterday I litter picked enough to fill a large sack to overflowing, from a fairly tidy looking small park! I tutted.

30. Another reason I am so glad we don't have any Boris Buses in my stretch. Though I do worry whether all this free travel will see the end of our public network as we know it!
Lots of things in the list are not things you did. Including, but possibly not limited to, 1,3,5,7,9,10,26,28,30,31
15: My email address of 20+ years was also switched off in April. The ISP (which was the first to offer free internet in 1999) had also been through numerous ownership changes. I had long since stopped using them as my ISP and the current owner decided they didn't want me as a freeloader anymore. Fortunately, it had not been my main email address for some years so the switch off did not cause too much hassle. The irony is I missed one or two contacts and a month later I am still receiving emails at that address despite the switch off.
8. Yes, don't throw any of them away!
10) I know Moor Park is a quiet area, and not in London, but that's an extraordinary distance to the nearest bus stop considering there are houses near it, albeit very expensive ones!
10. Given the size of houses and gardens in Moor Park, even if you had a bus stop directly outside your property, you'd probably be at least 1300m from it.

  !  Get the facts about Moor Park  
15. It is a right pain to do. I had to do it 2 (3?) years ago when freeserve closed.
Did a massive spreadsheet to monitor the changes to all my contacts. It was interesting that some sites where very easy and took a few seconds; while others including some "big" names were really awkward, as if no one had ever needed to change an email address before!
18 - glad you had a spacious time in Viccy Park, maybe one of those rare times with less than usual cyclists, more caring runners and fewer younger folk who all pay little or no attention to social distancing. I take my exercise walks in the Park most days of the week, and spend a lot of it dodging out of their way...

[The litter today was appalling- a Park-wide picnic must have taken place yesterday]
10. Looked at 2017 post and saw the list of stations without a bus stop and then wondered have any changed. One I'm aware of is that at some point in the last few years Manor Road was renamed Manor Road / North Sheen Station. I remember looking up suprised when the bus first announced it to me.
Saturday 16th. This is what should have been broadcast instead. It's an affectionate homage to Eurovision. Clever, amusing and all the better for it. Oh, and quite long.
31. I just can't wait to send in my solar panel readings at the end of this quarter...
31) Same here, popartist!
14) So how did you cook the heron?
23. I would wager that the events of the last couple of weeks, especially including today, will have put back the diminishing of the statistics curve by a few months. It's deeply disappointing.
10. Which would be the furthest bus stop from a Dlr station.

I’m guessing there is a few contenders. Abbey road, royal Albert, Pudding mill Lane, Poplar, West India quay, and Elverson road come to mind. But DG do you know the answer
6 when I first moved here 18 years ago the tree outside my living room window was low enough not to obscure my wonderful view too much in summer. It's grown so much it's taller than the block of flats now and my vista is diminished from miles right over east London to just a few feet.
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3. Can't let Bus Stop M pass by without a comment!
A mystery to be solved!
19. "Watched a bumblebee flitting between my geranium"

Are these the original geraniums?
31. May had 307 hours of sunshine, which is 44 hours more than any other month in the last ten years. Astonishing.
10. Then the last time I walked 550m from Arsenal tube was 7 July 2005 (the day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics) when I was stuck on a Picc train underground for 2 hours, because.....

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