please empty your brain below

Where's dg?
No new post today? I can't remember this happening before.
Hope all is well with DG
It's the blogland equivalent of Radio 4 going off-air...most unsettling.
I agree. it's most unnerving, and the first thing I thought was "I hope he's OK"...
Haven't heard of any 'Incident at crossing on Bow Roundabout' this morning so hopefully okay. Just taking a well earned breather I hope.
More likely his broadband connection has gone down again.

Or it could be today's post is, as is often the case, set to display at a numerologically-significant time other than 07:00.

Let's hope DG is back soon.
As you say, never happened before. I hope DG is ok. What can I read during my lunchbreak now???
Nothing on his Twitter.....
Hope you're OK.
Well, he's just had a glimpse of Public Transport Heaven, and is probably still recovering. [Seriously - I hope you're alright and it's just the IT playing up again.
Apparently in the event of an attack, if the captains of nuclear submarines are unable to get radio 4, then they are to assume that the UK has been destroyed, and can either deploy their weapons - or take the submarine to a friendly country.

Not sure what the consequences are of DG not updating after we've voted to leave the EU.
DG is off line today.

A Canadian tourist wonders whether this is due to Brexit.
I got a bad feeling about this silence...
Ooer! Still not back? Hope it's nothing more serious than just a dodgy connection!
No tweets from DG either. I know he doesn't tweet every day but I'm hoping this is part of a pre-conceived plan. Perhaps there's a PR event on today that he's choosing to ignore by not posting and will report on the non-event tomorrow. Seriously hoping he's not the latest resignation in British public life.

And in all seriousness I hope you're ok DG.
I know before he has set up posts to publish automatically as he was going on a trip. Hopefully it will turn out to be something like that but this time, for whatever reason, it didn't work.
Hope to hear from you soon DG.
I'm hoping it's either:
He's testing our nerve and going to post at 23.59, or
He's beaten the world's longest daily blog by a day and having a well earned rest.
Hope he's OK.
Missing you dg. Hope all is well.
Am overseas with intermittent wifi...yet checked for a post at least 5 times today. Is this an obsession on my part?
Looks like a ploy to get an increase of visitors to the site, who are all making many visits to check if anything has changed. And all without posting a word.
@ Frank F

Where are you DG? I hope all is OK
Hope all's OK.
Erm, I'm with the 23:59 theory tho.
I promise not to request kitten posts for a whole month if you come back to us...
Note to self: publishing nothing all day is a great way to increase the number of visitors by 50%.
Phew! Thank goodness, you had us going there.
I was with him last night, he was amazing.
Welcome back !

Shows how spoilt we are, we expect an interesting and subscription-free post to be there on the dot every morning, and we fret when it isn't.
Is this Tuesday's or Wednesday's blog ?
It's Tuesday's blog. Posted at 23:59. Grrrr, got me all worried too.
olivia must of been quite a distraction!
glad you're ok. Worried about ye
"We're none of us immortal" and one day I am going to stop commenting.

"Sorry about that in advance"

And as for leaving a legacy...think it over-rated. Though each to their own!
Note that it's not just the BL there is also the Wayback Machine. This has DG posts since 2012, eg

And the links can be archived too but flickr may be a problem. It tells me Wayback only has 51 dgeezer tags

Perhaps leave instructions on closedown in a sealed envelope with your will ?
Phew, feeling as much relief as I wish I had on June 24th
I was worried too, but how can you post a comment on the blog before that day's post has gone up?
I'm glad that all is OK.
What Mike D said.

Feelings of relief all round.
I checked this blog five times yesterday.
yes, how was everyone posting comments when there was no post to add them too?

Was there a blank post auto-published first thing in the morning, thus making it part of the plan all along?
martin - Two dozen comments were added yesterday to Monday's post, and I transferred them all across here at midnight.
DG, obviously one day YOU will stop blogging but why not have a succession plan, after all the Drifters remained as a group long after all the original members had passed away! Would we notice a supposedly seamless transition? Answer, yes, as you have a uniquely quirky style, long may you continue.
It is such a relief to see you back again today.
I wonder, if this had happened in February, would the Mystery Count have changed at all?
I used to follow a US/Canadian blogger who was extremely erudite and had a fascinating take on lots of things of interest to me. He clearly reached a point when 'the point of the blog' was no longer his own. There was an initial tailing off in numbers of posts, then some abrupt 'closures' and then stop (he had mentioned how he couldn't trust anyone in his family to manage his accounts). I do miss him, it was like losing a very dear friend.
*Why* hasn't the British Library archived since 2012? Surely not Brexit. Austerity perhaps? Or indifference?

Looking back at your 40th birthday posts, you mentioned making a will. Perhaps you need an appendix to deal with your digital legacy - who gets the copyright, the passwords, etc?
So what the point then?
Very good to see that you're still with us, dg. Your feeling of having made a rod for your own back is understandable, but you should feel free to take a day, a week, a month or whatever off if you want to. Let us know in advance or with a simple 'No post today' on the day and there should be no problem. There will be whingers, but that's their problem. Most of your regular readers will be grateful for the posts that you do make and accept that you need a break from time to time. Hopefully, one 23.59 experiment will be enough to show that your readers can feel a personal connection, even if they will never meet you or know who you are.
Oops- we have enough resignations already. I missed the drama, but 'Welcome back!'.
If you want the British Library to re-archive your site, you can re-nominate it here:

The Internet Archive is archiving a new snapshot at least once a month at the moment, including photos. It too has the same issue with the pagination, but it hints at a possible solution too.

It gives the reason for lack of pagination archives as "Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.", with a link to that file. Your robots.txt file appears to have the default Blogger settings that restrict crawlers from searching your site.

You can change that by going to Settings >> Search Preferences ›› Crawlers and indexing ›› Custom robots.txt ›› Edit ›› Yes and adding your own text to allow crawlers.

For details of what to include and to remove see
but it looks as though you need to remove "Disallow: /search".
Glad you are ok! Worrying memories of the recent loss of Boris Watch and, a few years back, the incredible young guy who documented Tramlink. Both live on in the virtual world and in my memory.
Stephen Parascandalo of Croydon Tramlink. And yes, he was amazing.
DG, we all think like that from time to time, but I hope you know how valued you are for the endlessly interesting & informative posts (you and ianvistits - we all know that londonist, delightful as it is, kinda leeches off the pair of you).
>>And I'm afraid it's no good thinking "oh it's OK, the British Library are archiving the site". They last archived the site

Have no fear DG, the Waybackmachine ( regularly squirrels away the blog for you :)

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