please empty your brain below

And still DG finds new ways to present his blog and keep us amused! :-)
You have a nice collection of photos of the Fairfield Hall and Ashcroft theatre. Hope you get to go back and take photos again in 2 years time after the refit. So we have some before and after photos, rather like you did for Stratford and the backwaters before and after the Olympic park.
I like the safety sign about using outriggers on the tallerscope. In one of my past jobs I worked for a short time in a theatre and had to use a tallerscope, always seemed a bit wobbly to me!.(probably me shaking!)
Brief pithy comment that appreciates the blog post and possibly references some personal connection or experience.
Longer comment that goes into more detail about personal connection or experience mentioned by previous respondent, pssibly implying greater knowledge.
Fan response that thanks DG for a brilliant post that has made someone's day again.
Response that repeats comments made in earlier replies, because respondent hasn't read them before eagerly tapping out their own thoughts.
A request for more kittens/bus stop news.
Great pictures that bring back many memories. I was born and brought up in Croydon and remember most of those buildings going up.

I also went to Trinity School (of John Whitgift); my first two years there were spent on the town centre site where the Whitgift Centre is now located.
Tediously repetitive criticism deleted.
A picture paints a thousand words - (approx. 40k saving on this post)
You would have had 30 comments at least by now if you'd done the Routemaster tour
This is probably how TfLs 'Art on the Underground' webpage started off.
Extremely tenuous comment about Johnson cancelling cross river system.
Bunking off instead of doing your homework??

Hope you had a good night on the tiles, didn't end up in Upminster sidings and don't have too much of a hangover !

dg writes: No, actually, but do feel free to jump to patronising conclusions.
Too busy at the West Ham garage open day?
The photos are excellent DG, particularly with the sun - they cast what I normally see as boring office blocks in a new light. Thanks!
Please excuse, what is the difference between a Town and a City? Me being a foreigner, I do not speak English very well, sorry!
Musing as to whether part of a city can itself have city status, resulting in a rambling discussion of examples such as Salford and Westminster, and what is a city anyway, citing cathedrals like Southwell and Southwark.
A very impressive city. Thanx DG
Crikey, it seems (from the dating on your uploads) that our visits were just a couple of days apart.
At least it seems you managed to get a last look inside. Due to not knowing about the NT arranged tours (which required pre-booking and which apparently ended today (Sunday)), I didn't.
Saw some great shows / gigs there.
Was pleased to be informed by the security staff that it's being refitted to re-open as an entertainment venue, not being demolished and redeveloped.
Nice one DG, it's always good to see anything from the part of the world where I spent my youth. I grew up in Carshalton and the tower blocks of Croydon were visible from my local park, along with Palace's floodlights and Waddon Power Station. I have to admit that it was the bright lights across the river that seduced me from a very young age, but I did spend a fair bit of time in Croydon, gigs, nights out and training at Lunar House. I'd probably be lost there within 10 minutes nowadays.
@ leucine.

In England at least, a city is anywhere that has a royal charter granting it city status. There are no criteria to satisfy, although most are either relatively large, or have a cathedral.
Aaargh. My wife and I spent more of Sunday in Croydon than we planned, doing our annual DG-inspired trip to Mayfield Lavender

Rail engineering meant it took an age to get to West Croydon; then another age to walk up and then down (or was it down then up?) Wellesley Road to bus stop WJ to catch the half-hourly (on Sunday) 166, except that the 14:01 didn't turn up so we had plenty of time to admire what of Croydon we could see from just outside the Home Office's monstrous building.
Comment pointing out that London (i.e. Greater London, the London local government region) is not a city in a legal sense, so parts of it certainly can be cities (though I'd have though Southwark has a better claim than Croydon).

Further comment that it's not at all clear that 'town' is really the opposite of 'city', and that most places which might be cities but aren't are in fact boroughs.

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