please empty your brain below

I thought it was September today, not April 1st.
Holiday McHolidayface perhaps?

Great piece DG.
Morris dancing. There will have to be morris dancing.
The public holiday won't apply in London either, as they also "failed to vote Leave."
It will be a bit awkward if the Big Red Button has not been pressed before the anniversary of the Brexit vote, so I guess that means one more bank holiday in the first half of the year. It would be much better to have a new bank holiday in say October.
Please! Tell us this is a joke!!
Please don't give the morons in government any more daft ideas.
Brilliant piece as always. I can't wait for the spam and blancmange! I think I'll wait until Brexit actually happens before celebrating though.
"This isn't really a public holiday for the public, it's a bank holiday for the banks, ensuring that there can't be a run on the pound when Brexit becomes irreversible."

Many a true word is spoken in jest!

Great post.
I hope the Queen can be prevailed upon to lead a conga round the Cenotaph on that day.

Which, incidentally, could be called "Up-yours Day."
No doubt Barbara Windsor will be around somewhere, what about repeats of Benny Hill and Love Thy Neighbour.

What about FU EU day?
I would say 10/10 but that would be metric, so you're getting a 12/12.
So, "Brexity McBrexitface Day" it is then.
Channel tunnel *temporarily* sealed off?? No doubt temporary in the sense that income tax was introduced as a temporary measure during the Napoleonic wars. ;-)
The referendum made it clear that the British people don't want the EU in its present form, with unrestricted immigration and loss of sovereignty, but are very happy to trade.

So 'Common Market Day' it should be.
Think the "banks" have had enough "holidays".

As for those of "us" on "zero-hours contracts" we don't get paid (bank)holidays...just have another (unpaid)day waiting for a phone call/text message/e-mail. And should count ourselfs lucky not 'un(der)-employed'
St Brexit actually sounds real. Maybe they are St George's brother or something?
Time to start arranging the mass bonfire of EU flags everyone!
Haven't you forgotten to add the 'Night of Broken Glass (Polski Sklep version)'. November 9th is not far away so maybe it can be fitted in then. Maybe your skinheaded friend in Romford could cut the ribbon on the first bit of action?
Sunderland AFC might celebrate this holiday by getting themselves relegated (not that I'd be happy on it)
Andrew's suggestion of a Bank Holiday in October.

How about 13th - that is the saint's day of Edward the Confessor, patron saint of England until the 14th century, when some Syrian upstart, despite never even trying to migrate here, added England to his pan-European portfolio (Malta, Portugal, Romania and Georgia).

By coincidence, the date is also the birthday of a former British Prime Minister who had very robust views on Europe. (I'll leave the reader to work out who she was)
>>The referendum made it clear that the British people don't want the EU in its present form...

Not in Scotland it didn't :)

Also, remind me again what the vote leave % was? I'm sure the Brexiters would like to airbrush out the fact that nearly 50% of the voters wanted to stay in the EU...
Only if we 48% are allowed to celebrate Tuesday May 9th - Official EU Day, with similar aplomb.

(seriously, I really hope that there will be a big movement to celebrate it next year)
North of the border this will be known as the 'Montesquiue was right-day'.
@ Sirokazan. Not entirely true about London failing to vote out.
One or two boroughs south side of the Thames got it right and so did at least one other on the north :)
Timbo: the feast day of St Margaret of Bruges?
How about replacing Halloween in October with St.Brexit Day ??
the people voted for brexit.

thats democracy.

if you dont like the result, tough. get over it.
No Stella, the "people" did not vote for Brexit. 51.7% of voters (not even 51.7% of the population) did. That is not "the people" by any definition.

I suggest you are the person who needs to "get over it". Get over the fact that people have different views.

But by your logic we should never have had the referendum in the first place. Why? Because in the 1970s we had a referendum. And we voted to stay. We should clearly have been telling Nigel Farage to "get over it" for several decades. Get over the fact that Brexit should never be happening as we decided forty years ago!
To be fair, Andrew, the blame for it lies with Tony Blair. Lisbon should have had a referendum. At a time when many countries were having one. Ireland even rejected it, so they went and made some changes and had another (successful) one. It would've been messy, but we should have had one as well and then we wouldn't be in the current mess.
But wasn't the vote in the 70s about the Common Market? ... which kind of gets us back to Ray's much earlier point...

DG Missed a great opportunity in his post, methinks.

... and the Channel Tunnel will be temporarily sealed off" could have ended with "thus causing The Times to note that the Continent will be temporarily isolated".

Just saying, not criticising.
Will the eating of Spam be compulsory? Only, I need plenty of time to look around for a halal version if it is.

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