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I have to say I'd never have guessed a bus station hub like that could look so interesting. Since I like working on my car, I think that engine repair facility is awesome.
I was lucky enough to have a visit a few years back. It was certainly very interesting to see behind the scenes although at that time not everything was fully operational. The bit I enjoyed the most was seeing the I-Bus room and learning how they monitored the services and dealt with any problems. I suspect that may have been off limits for your visit.
"100kW wind turbine...contributes around 10% of the energy the garage needs to run" so why not have 10 of them and contribute around 100%? Or is it just a token gesture? If the site is has the space...which it appears to, has not problem having one sited there, which it has, then surely more is better. If the one wind turbine fails then you left with 0%! And before people start going on about that they don't always have enough wind or too much wind, yes I realise that. Which leads me to the next point...all that modern roof space and no solar panels?! And before people start going on about not always sunshine, yes I realise that too. And what about rain capture, with that roof space can fill quite few water butts. Then there is the vast amount of tarmac...that could have had heat capture tubes under it perhaps? This could been so much better...
This is a bus garage, so there needs to be unobstructed space to park buses, not a forest of wind turbines. The architect told us this one turbine is enough to power the garage when the wind is strong enough, so ten wouldn't actually help. He also assured us that photo-voltaic panels were less efficient than wind turbines for a project on this scale. Rainwater is recycled from the roof. And the building has a top-notch A grade environmental rating. So, no worries.
And another thing...this one bus related. Why do they leave the RM's outside (as shown in first pic)? These vehicles are heritage...yes they in use (for now) but keep them under cover...or are they allowing them to become "weathered" and have a excuse to retire them? Think it time some "preservation society" is set-up to keep these icons on the streets of London, just as there are for steam railways in other parts of the country. Realise that it may need TfL's support (i.e garage) but with the soon demise of the 9H I fear for the 15H will soon follow. If the "New Routemaster/NB4L turns out to be as long-lasting and useful as the RM's then perhaps progress is progress but already too many plafform to "hop-on hop-off" not for use and still to be resolved roasting of top deck.
@ DG

Looking at the photos and the space taken up by one turbine...nine more would not be a problem. The garage could then perhaps go some way to being carbon-neutral. Exporting electricity to the national grid perhaps. A "forest of wind turbines" it would not be. As for what a architect says...well they now and again get things very wrong. A "forest of concrete tower blocks" springs to mind.
There's also a problem with Vodafone's invisible protected tunnel in the sky, which clips the airspace above the site. But no, please do assume you know more than an architect you didn't hear speak, it makes for entertaining reading.
Vodafone's invisible protected tunnel in the sky.

Now that's sounds interesting.

Whilst I know you can't actually visit that space (on foot at least),  I wonder if it might lend itself to a visit of another sort?
I'm guessing the 'tunnel in the sky' is a microwave/UHF line-of-sight link.

Most of these garage open days seem to clash with weekends I'm working. I'm still waiting to see if they announce one for the garage round the corner from my house though :)
DG - you forgot the First "Lea Interchange" Depot at the northern end of Temple Mills Lane built to provide accommodation for buses which formerly occupied on Waterden Road on the Olympic Park.
DG, thanks for the answer to "why not 10 turbines" as my mind had been running on exactly the same lines as Grumpy Anon
Sorry to say it but yes, your initial surmise was correct: I did have better things to do yesterday.
Following your lead from a year or two ago (or was it more?), I went over to Twickenham to see Eel Pie Island on one of its rare open days.
I loved it - even if I did get soaked.
And hey, what a great place Twickenham is! [Also loved the York House Gardens]
Twickenham. Home of Gloriana. Or not. Living here was great when we had... a swimming pool, an ice rink, a cinema, Concorde, a proper post office, a cottage hospital....
@ Grumpy Anon - the RMs are still buses. They're machines not invalids needing to be wrapped in cotton wool. TfL have said that the best buses from the 9H will be transferred to the 15H. There are even rumours the 15H's buses may be refurbished to give more years service. There are oodles of RMs in preservation - so many they're boring, to be frank. On top of that there are many more RMs in commercial service on private hire business. You can even pay to do a "drive a bus" event in one at North Weald. I can't see that Londoners are going to be deprived of RMs any time soon.

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