please empty your brain below


Answers (or heavy hints) will be deleted.

I found #10 the easiest, but maybe that's because it's maths! (Admittedly, this is also the only one I used paper for as well... #8 was taxing to do in my elderly head at this time of the morning)
I too found #10 easiest. I did use paper but could have probably managed without.
Unofficial question 9a) How many line-segments in the diagram do not form part of the periphery of any square?

9a. I think only one, the vertical near the bottom left?
For 7, I got the answer intuitively, but confirming it was very tricky! Wonder if there is a systematic way to solve this class of puzzles without guessing and testing individually?
Taking a guess with no. 10, don't know whether I worked it out mathically correct.
Oh give me words and letter finding any day!
Did number 6 before my brain gave up the ghost.

Though I might have number 9. I can do simple counting, but that's the limit to my maffs!
The diagram in number nine would make a fab super-Battenberg cake.

Funny how different people find different things difficult. I completely blanked on number four yesterday and yet think that three and ten have quick, elegant solutions.
No 10 - Assuming no points deducted for financial irregularities!

The last day alphabetically is always - "Yesterday"
Found these easier than yesterday's, though I still used my phone's calculator for the last one

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