please empty your brain below

Have been doing my bit. Now off to eat choklit.

You'll be first in the queue, presumably?

*rubs hands in glee; FOTCR™ spell clearly working even better than hoped*

Keynes some time in the 1930s said something like "Every pound you save you put a British worker out of work for an hour".

I've done my bit online. We purchased early last year because of Mr Mog's cancer op and enjoyed the smug feeling of not having to try and battle the crowds,so this year we did the same. Much easier for me than struggling round with crutches or the dreaded chair from h\\%\\%l
I'll try and do a little more DG before Yule is on us

I suppose I could pop to the shops for some bread and milk. I could really splurge and get some tea and bacon too.

"Take out a loan if necessary..."

I tried DG, I honestly tried. But the bank I now own declined to lend me anything, quoting "sub-prime" and "credit-crunch" as excuses for hoarding all my taxes.

Crisis? What crisis?

Debster - you're probably doing your bit eating the choklit - it isn't cheap. I'm off to help out the Canadian market as we speak. And to buy choklit.

No Way! It's Raining, Amazon here I come.

Maybe you could do your bit DG by doing your famous Retail Therapy project again. Alternatively, you could challenge yourself to buy £100 of goodies from Woolies while you still can.

Recessions really are miserable things, aren't they? In the worst case, I think we could easily say that it won't just be our grandparents who would have lived through a 1930s-style Great Depression.

I bought some lamb chops from Ealing farmers market, and some Fuller's London Porter from the pub - does that count?

Got as far as Liverpool Street and shopped listlessly under cover before the cold monsoon drove us back to Chingford...

Ruddy 2008 weather.

St Pancras then Harrods today...


Heard on the news that there were allegedly 300,000 shoppers in Oxord Street yesterday. Most of them from the eurozone, cashing in. Sort of a reverse booze cruise I suppose.

The Australian Government have been handing out $1000 bonuses to Pensioners (Seniors and others) as well as $1000 to parents for each dependant child and Prime Minister Rudd is urging all the recipients to spend spend spend to boost the economy!

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