please empty your brain below

So what is that big yellow building?

Ikea Croydon I would guess.

I think it is one of those Yellow Storage places? Good summary of Croydon. Addington Hills is indeed a great view across London. You can see the Dome (o2)from there too.

Wrong direction for IKEA (and wrong colour). Must be somewhere around Shirley, Elmers End or Beckenham.

My maternal family hail from this area. You have omitted to mention that Croydon, much like large parts of the East End, took a bit of a battering in World War 2. My mother was out shopping with my grandmother one day when the sirens started. They hid safely in a town centre shelter but returned home to find a pile of rubble where their house had stood. My grandmother was most upset - the front door had just been painted (it remains a mystery as to where the paint had come from!) and her best sheet was on the washing line - all ruined. As a result, the family was evacuated to Pagham. My mum met a chap called George and he introduced her (at the Rifle Club) to his mate Malcolm - my father. If it hadn't been for that bomb on Addiscombe, I probably wouldn't be here typing this message.

The 464 bus from New Addington up to Biggin Hill is a fun ride too, up and down twisty country lanes (Salt Box Hill).

If a shirt does not have a collar or sleeves...what is it? Puzzling...but maybe that is just Me.

A shirt without a collar or cuffs is called a t-shirt. NOT what we want to be worn in Shirley-thank you. The yellow building is prob. the storage warehouse at Elmers End and why didn’t DG visit our rugby club on his travels. Beer @ £2 a pint and then you could have visited Croydon high street at night for action photos. Sunday morning at 1.00am when the chavs literally fall out of the many clubs with police sirens, ambulances and the local hospital on red alert is a side of Croydon not to be too proud of.

I'm sure dg sees plenty of that kind of stuff around the pubs and clubs round his own patch, north of the river.
Which kind of begs the question: which side of the river has the toughest drunks, north or south?
Hmmm. There's only one way to find out

Ah! New Addington. I used to live there in the 70s. I bought a 5 bed house very cheaply (ex doctor's surgery) and lived there very happily until ... well, let's not spoil the memory. In the 70s there was a library, swimming pool, clean public loos, church and Tesco, but no police station, as there was very little crime. Mainly because people in those days didn't piss on their own doorstep. I gather it's changed now, so I don't need to revisit.

But T-shirts do have sleeves.

The golf club notice is referring to vests.

it's called a sweatshirt!!

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