please empty your brain below

I wonder if GG knew who they were replying to yesterday in this tweet.
I don't know who it is either.
I'm guessing the BHF London to Brighton isn't the vintage car race
Ignorance is high among Ians.
I reserve the right to sneer at things that are not aimed at me!
You could just send your staff a text message rather than communicating via Twitter, this also has the advantage that relevent staff get relevent information, this applies to customers as well.

This avoids the 'cry wolf' scenario, where by the time you get something relevent, you've stopped checking.
I never quite get who TfL's Twitter presence is now aimed at, and I can't even see how it benefits TfL. Are there really people who actually find what they currently put out useful? As a cost-saving measure they dropped the useful line-specific ones that gave more detailed info than the Status Update page, but kept this pointless guff.
Standing with Ian - no idea what or who that's all about, and was also thinking it was the old car rally.
Not sure I care either!
Andrew, I liked the line specific Tweets also. Really useful to be able to quickly look up YOUR line.
The TfL buses account used to be genuinely useful - it had updates on short term service disruptions, and even better, it could and did respond to questions with information not readily available any other way.

Having been on three buses in the last two weeks which dived onto diversions which were clearly long standing but were not showing at all on the website, I miss those days.

Curiously though, the one diversion due to what was clearly a very short term incident - a car crash blocking the road - was showing on the site in very short order. So it's not that they can't do it, it's that they don't seem to care enough to do it consistently.

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