please empty your brain below

Good post today,DG. I also read Roger's post and compared the photos, how did you and he not inadvertantly capture each other on camera? Did you travel together and compare notes? 😉
P.S half an hour bus ride to a tube station? In south east London that's almost on the doorstep!
I hope that you spoke to the young couple with very large suitcases and put them right. Otherwise, they might have spent their entire holiday at that bus stop !
It's nice to see DG's current sensibilities already evident in his nipper-era artwork.
The first train into London from North Greenwich is at 05:22, first 335 arrives at 05:23. On Sunday the last tube from London is at 00:19 but on Mon-Thurs its 01:02, however the last 335 is at 00:30, so not the perfect link to and from the tube.
Very well observed. There are too many traffic lights in this part of SE London...
I notice the Watford to Windsor timetable had a column with "Then at every 60 minutes until" where the actual times could have fitted in the same space. Perhaps they were trying to save a bit of ink.
must admit...i find the old 335 Watford to Windsor route far more interesting.
Roger's pictures show the "small yellow posters" headed "Buses on diversion".

They don't actually state the stop at which they are displayed is closed, even if it that can be inferred by the last piece of info being "Nearest alternative bus stops".

Given the evidence cited in both blogs about people waiting, perhaps TfL needs to use clearer language on this poster.
Love the picture, presumably by 4/5 year old DG... proof, if ever any was needed, that the geekery started long, long ago ;)

But, to what does the 1.00 refer? I'm struggling with any 4/5 year old (even you) understanding DPs.
1.00 was the time.

There was a second panel underneath, labelled 7.00, with the traffic light changed to green and the bus finally revving off.
I can confirm that DG was interested in buses from an early age, possibly because many routes ran by our house.
I'm not entirely convinced that an extra route serving an already-overcrowded bus station and an already overloaded Jubilee line is a particularly good idea.
The 'other' 335 does of course live on, but only between Slough and Chalfont St. Peter (with a couple of extensions to Amersham recently introduced, finally stubbing out the last remnants of close cousin route 353).

Courtesy of its new operator it is as 'red' as any TfL execution.

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