please empty your brain below


hello. i was after the Diamond Geezer website. is this not it?

Be interesting to see if any of these accidental visitors stick with you after discovering this, ahem, diamond in the dust!

How hard can it be to type such an easy URL directly into an address bar, rather than relying on google all the time?

I do like the sound of a pinging stats package though...

If I were a shallow money-grabbing blogger with a website smothered in adverts, I'd be rubbing my hands with glee.

Yup. Say no more.

Reinvigorate is great, isn't it?

I did it the other way round. I clicked on the link to Clive's site from your site, where I wanted to be, becuase I was curious about the dragon reference. I thought it was going to be some kind of role playing website. I really should watch more tv to keep up.

Good job he didn't accept The Dragon's money or you'd currently be renaming your blog. Brand infringement and all that.

The alternative is to name as many female celebrities as you possibly can in relative conjunction to bizarre sexual acts.

It's the route I've chosen to go down with google, it works, and I'm not proud.

Better than a Facebook poke then......ha ha ha what a gem.

you are lucky Diamond Geezer, when this thingy happend yesterday?

I was thinking of you last night whilst watching Dragon's Den and you haven't let me down by this post. Who's on next week then?

I would be willing to offer you £75,000 in exchange for 55\\% of your new on-line business. I have tremendous experience in the field and you would be a fool not too accept. My Plan is to have you sponsored by my contacts talk-talk and the Sun. Have we got a deal Mr Geezer?

I expect it will happen again when it's repeated on Sunday!

@clair: one of the most searched-for terms on Google is always "Ryanair". Their URL is, er...

Last night I dreamed that I googled "diamond geezer" and went straight to a special page set up by DG. Yes, really. Silver background, jack of diamonds etc. Very few words on it, but I can't remember what they were. Any suggestions?

And Tuesday's visitor numbers have been 2200(ish) higher than usual. I wonder if that's from people watching on the iPlayer, or just remembering what they watched last night?

Nice blogging, stumbled in here after of course watching DD. Was throughly entertained by your report on the evenings events!

Dr Blockbuster schaze ... a very interesting read indeed you diamondgeezer blogger, & FUNNY tooooo!


Hi good post, we do the search engine optimisation for a company called ZS Diamonds and we saw similar spikes. Evidently the bloke on the TV claimed they had the number one listing for "diamond engagement ring" on Google, when in fact our client has that position

Good try, Mike. "The bloke on TV" actually claimed they had the number eight listing for "diamond engagement ring" on Google. I know my readers will be thrilled to hear that you have the number one position instead.

We are watching Dragons Den on BBC iplayer. We doubted whether diamond geezer really was on the first page....and I was right. Instead found you and had a huge huge laugh at your blog.

Apologies, I was wrong about him saying they had first place, I'd skim read our blog about it and then found your piece when I looked on Google because it had caught my interest.

That wasn't you ???

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