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What have we come to, when a one bedroom flat off-plan in Stratford costs £265,000?

I know it's nothing new, but where will it end?
Yuck. Disgusting. But it is the same trend all over the world. I suspect that most investors will be just that, investors, and the apartments will be rented out.

By the way... any suggestions for real coffee in London much appreciated. The best we can find is Costa, and we frequent them because their coffee is drinkable, just, and enough to give us our caffeine hit, but we'd love somewhere where we can actually enjoy the coffee.
On page 7 and 8 of My Guide Stratford, the map shows two new bridges over the Lea navigation. One has just been erected in the last week from next to Gainsborough Primary school to near the former international media centre. There used to be a pre-cast concrete bridge in the same location which I think allowed the school kids to access their playing field on the other bank of the navigation.

Another new bridge is shown just north of Old Ford lock looks like it is somewhere near the smoked salmon factory. No actual sign of work starting on that one as far as I have noticed. They still haven't finished the bridge just north of that one that was erected before the olympics.
Yes, yuck indeed. Danny Dorling has a book out any day now 'All that is Solid' about the UK housing market (and how it could be fixed IIRC). He's the Guy that wrote the Central Line book in the 150yr commemorative box set.
Good news for anyone who owns their own place in Stratford as there will be trickle down effect. Bad news for those that don't....
More high rise? Are the planners complete idiots?
For Antipodean, there's a tube map of decent coffee shops doing the rounds at the minute: Might help?
I do pop into that deli sometimes, but mainly because it's five minutes' walk away, not a yomp through two parks. And usually to buy nicer ham than you can get in the supermarket, not fancy olives.

As it happens, we walked down from Victoria Park to Stratford at the weekend, and it took around half an hour. Once you get near Westfield, it's not particularly pedestrian-friendly, and the cycle facilities are, frankly, crap. Hopefully that's one improvement the investment will bring, though I'm not holding my breath.

I don't suppose you've seen anything about Carpenter's Road (or something along those lines) re-opening?
Built on the spoil from the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. Hence the land owner - London and Continental Railways - a part of the land deal to fund the construction of High Speed One.
What's all this about coffee ?

If I saw sales literature for a flat that mentioned 5 or 55 coffee shops nearby, it wouldn't tempt me. In fact, the very thought of 55 would frighten me away!

No thanks. A jar of Nescafe, or Aldi's own brand, in my mug is just fine, thanks. And think of the money I save !
...there is no "property bubble" then? ...or "boom & bust" on it's way? ...or wider gap between the rich & poor? ...i think alot of people know where this going to lead and a few will do very well but i fear a great deal many will sadly not.
The use of the term 'coffee houses' suggests Mrs Miggins has moved to Stratford
This piece, and a few linked from it, might be of interest. It's all about what happens when property becomes a currency rather than somewhere to live. Ring any bells?

Wish I could afford one of these flats. Rather glad I won't be doing that, though.
@ Lorenzo ... do you mean this Danny Dorling?
I heard a fantastic interview with him on Oz TV once. He was discussing the growing gap between rich and poor and he was excellent.

@ Mighty Mouse - you may have saved my caffeine-fueled sanity. Summer in London is looking better already now I can start my day in the caffeinated way!
Thank you!
Talking about Stratford... the DLR will be closed near Pudding Mill Lane this weekend. Will they be preparing to move the tracks to go through the new station? Shame you can't see the remaining TMB in its pit.

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