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Wordpress have started showing numbers of feed reads per page as well as number of live views. It's been a revelation (to me, anyway) - for every live reader on a page, there are more than two viewing it through feeds.

Guilty on several counts but, as you say, it's better not missing a post...

It's the only way to read when you have a blogroll of 300 blogs more than half of which update less than once a week and a quarter of which update more than daily.

I also like to track comments threads with but it doesn't scan yours. Of course, I only actually read the comments on posts I want to comment on...!

Nowt wrong with any of that if you ask me.

Ohh and to allow the people who publish partial feeds and then wonder why no-one comments any more? Get with it!

Full feed or nothing. The competition is too high for you to be picky about how/where your content is consumed.

I've been reading you on rss for years! You get article headings, which is an extra added bonus.

Yep, I couldn't follow anywhere near as many blogs without my feed reader. And if anything, it makes the ones with real quality of writing stand out (like yours), and those are the ones that I still end up clicking through to regularly to catch the comments.

All of the above. I used to feel guilty about reading through a feed but now I feel vindicated. Hoorah. Plus I've clicked through to leave this (rather pointless) comment. We're all winners.

Terrific description, thanks!

I notice you missed out IE7. Others may say what they like, but I keep going back to the sheer simplicity and usability of IE7's feedreader.

Before anyone starts criticising me for using IE7 at all (and I know they will) I have to say that Firefox and Safari 3 refuse to support my hi-res screen, and IE7 simply works better for me.

As you well know, some of us are RSS whores AND still click through to the comments.

@Gordon - you'd limit your blog feed too, if people were plagiarising your content all over the internet like they do with mine. Now at least, via their RSS-bots, they are only able to publish a partial extract of my blog and pretend it is theirs. I'd rather have fewer comments/visitors than have dozens of wankers passing off all my writing as their own.

This prompted me to have a look at feedburner to see what's happening to mine. As ever, feeds outnumber visitors almost two to one. Some might be viewing through the Yahoo Widget
but at least one person appears to be reading on his mobile and the joke is that my subtle Olympus branding reaches new prominance

Maybe because I'm image focussed, I'm happy enough however people see it.

And no, I'm not keen on having content nicked, but if I didn't want it to happen, I shouldn't be on the Internet. It's a community like any other; there's no reason I can think of why toe rags would be confined to non-cyberspace. So for me, feeds good, theft bad.

In light of that post, I will say that I'm 'umbled that you did actually visit my blog (I know it was only because I'd mentioned your last post) yesterday Mr Geezer. You left your trail on MyBlogLog. And you can still get reader statistics if you feed your feed through Feedburner.

<waves at Pamela>

I do indeed get reader statistics via Feedburner, and it appears that I usually have slightly more live readers than feed readers. Whatever that proves.

I don't understand all this tech
erdy speak and blogging "in jokes". It's a playground where I am Norma no Mates.

It's almost getting like the blog proper is the fancy deluxe hardback edition for the cognoscenti, whereas the feed is the cheap 'n cheerful paperback edition for the masses...

I like to spend a quite few minutes reading blogs at lunchtime, but I can't do that without feeds: I work in a school and a massive proportion of the sites I read are filtered. (The filtering system is fairly ferocious and blocks all kinds of harmless stuff.)

Of course, no-one has thought to filter the feeds for these blocked sites, that's far too technical.

TLC - quick tip if you are in that situation, you can use Google as a proxy server. Go into Google translate tool (that's not normally blocked), enter the URL to translate from any language into english (say, Spanish into English). The page will appear unchanged.

Nothing as satisfying as reading a blog properly, written as it has been to be read, RSS feeds appear soulless to me.

"It might have taken me a while to find your magic button."

I never have to go looking: the Bloglines feed reader and the Firefox browser both do this for me, regardless of whether there's a little button, a text link, or indeed nothing at all.

This post is pretty hilarious. =oP

There's nothing wrong with RSS feeds, they're really useful for me, although in your case I do pay you the great courtesy of actually visiting the blog Mr Geezer

Mine's just below the list of posts on my blog, I think it's good to offer convenience to your readers, and I welcome anyone who wants to use it... not that I have any subscribers, according to Feedburner :

As a few months RSS subscribed reader, I like this "RSS-ing about" post. Oh! By the way, that's why I come back to your website and go into this comment thread =D

So the guilt is not mine alone...what a relief.

I usually try to take the time to read every blog whose feed I subscribe to; however, I like having the option of at least keeping up in some way if I find I cannot do so.

Thank you for articulating what I could not - and in such a wonderful fashion. This smile you have given me is much appreciated - I truly needed it.

Guilty as charged (well not of stealing content, but of having you on my RSS feed!) I only just found you recently through London Daily Photo who I found through another blogger..... but I shall try and visit 'in person' more frequently!

btw, thanks to your RSS feed you're syndicated on Livejournal, which means I can now read you regularly like I used to do five years ago...

I tried feeds, but I prefer the full visual experience.

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