please empty your brain below

Hello, DG, from a wet Scotland for the past two months My only consolation is when I look at the news footage of all those poor folk in the various parts of the country who are homeless because of the flodding of the rivers. Then I feel very guilty at complaining about two months of rain. Have a great day out, while I'll try to stop echoing the sentiments of my husband, Eeyore, with his, 'Oh, no, not another rainy day!'

Do indeed keep that phone safe DG. Our youngest's mobile phone got soaked and stopped working on Friday when she was in a rain storm whilst the phone was in her pocket. Luckily an overnight holiday in a plastic box with some silica gel sachets sorted it out.

I'm getting sick of the rain. Well, not rain here in Wales, but drizzle. I'd prefer a flood*

* Not really.

A comment to Nic's comment:

Silica gel sachets! Brilliant idea! Next time I buy a handbag and shoes I'm saving those babies!

Silica gel, gawd bless ya Nic, but would it work on a drunken lavatory dunk?

Phew. The heavy rain only started around 4pm, just in time to drown me on the way home.

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