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Including some explanatory text on street signs is a nice touch. A couple of the access roads off Westfield Avenue have it too. No such luck on the recently renamed Decapod Street on the other side of the park. I worked it out eventually but it's nothing to do with crustaceans.
Amazing what you can discover within your local area, Shame about the Passmore Edwards though - it's almost as if 'they' don't want its contents known about.
Keep it up DG
The civic centre was in Stratford where Morrison’s is now.

It was a very unique pyramid shaped building. Which had lots of building issues.

No surprise that it only lasted around 20 before it was demolished and a Safeway now Morrison’s was put in its place.
I like the ghost sign much more than the iridescent lozenge-shaped installation beyond. Is it public art or does it have a practical purpose, I wonder.
The Civic Centre was shaped like a Mayan Temple, with each rise in level reducing the width of the storey. The museum I suspect referred to the old dispensary in the Barking Road.
Another great post DG
What a great museum Passmore Edwards was, chock full of stuffed animals and birds. There was a large mirror by the entrance with a sign saying something like “This is the most destructive animal on the planet”.
The dairy in Well St. used to be the United Dairies stables for their horse carts
Until 2007, one of Stratford's older buildings stood on the corner of Windmill Lane, opposite the Railway Tavern. This was Angel Cottage, dating from 1826, a listed building illegally demolished by a property developer (who was fined £15,000). The site subsequently became a scrap yard and plans were later put forward for student accommodation there. DG's recent Flickr photo of the pub shows that the plot remains empty today, surrounded by a hoarding.
I've finally uncovered a photo of Stratford Civic Centre, which does indeed resemble an administrative ziggurat.

According to an old forum post...

"This was once part of the new face of Stratford but is now long gone, replaced by a featureless Morrisons supermarket.

Originally intended to be Newham Council’s new office complex, cost cutting and delays meant that not only was this the only part to actually be built in 1976 but sub-standard building materials resulted in the concrete rotting after only a few years and it was demolished in 1998."

That is shocking, Alan S. If the site is still vacant, presumably no enforcement notice was served for Angel Cottage to be reinstated.
The (original) Railway Tavern will always be remembered fondly by L2012 ceremonies volunteer perfomers for the post-event all-nighters. At least the building will remain.
We live in Maryland. The Railway Tavern development is only one of three local pub projects. The one at the Cart and Horses ('The Birthplace of Iron Maiden') is already out of the ground and is to cobble on seven storeys on to the back of the pub. I've lost track of where we are with the development of the Manby Arms but that also has planning permission for something much bigger than is currently there, and the pub itself will be turned in to housing. As I've lived in Maryland for 16 years and have never been in any local pubs I am not in a position to be critical of the loss of local hostelries but I know some people are very upset.

As regards the museum there used to be a set of municipal buildings at the back of our street (sandwiched between two streets of terraced houses) which housed part of the Passmore Edwards collection once the museum had shut up shop. It was demolished a few years back and replaced by a 'mews development'.
Another fascinating post - thanks DG.
Martin, ah yes, Decapod Street, a brave attempt at rapid acceleration which worked well but used too much coal.
Frank F, the lozenges tarted up the awful view of the shopping centre for visitors to L2012. They run close to the meridian line.

The Passmore Edwards, being an Essex collection, had to be cast out when Newham was created. The geology collection went into storage before being housed more safely at the new Green Centre at Wat Tyler park near Pitsea, which you can visit to see displays.The museum’s Jurassic fossil tree is at Thorndon Park near Brentwood. The mirror is no more, but the reflection has become far more dangerous still.
There will be no culture left soon just flats, flats, flats. Newham council are a disgrace allowing this over development.
The typeface used in the Dairy Crest plaque bothered me for a while. A search through an old Letraset catalogue revealed it to be Belwe Bold. The capital Y is particularly ugly, but gives it away.
I was going to rant about people misusing the word 'epicentre', but I'll just leave it there as a vestigial rant.
The Eastern Counties Dairy Farmers’ Co-operative depot on the corner of Well Street and Windmill Lane dates at least as far back as 1911.

They were taken over by United Dairies in 1921 before merging into Unigate in 1959 which in turn was taken over in 2000 by Dairy Crest (itself a subsidiary of the Milk Marketing Board until its privatisation in 1996).
I, for one, applaud The Epicentre. It's a rare voluntary or public body which resists calling its facility 'The Hub'
Maybe you have seen this moving article about a bomb on Dames Road?
About 20 months ago I purchased a Kindle e-book by a free lance reporter named Michael Gillard. It was entitled LEGACY Gangsters, Corruption and the London Olympics.

I have only just now read the book and it provides a fascinating back-story to the walks that dg faithfully records in his blog.

The title says it all and would be a suitable subject for film or television adaptation.

As a resident of Stratford for over thirty years, the locations are all very familiar but the extent and nature of the criminality left me shocked!

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