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"Could reporters at the Telegraph possibly have missed something during their six week scrutiny?"

So the answer would be 'no'

Did you miss the story on him? It helps you 'see through' the black bits.

The office items you mention are very much in line with other MPs and the total is annoyingly reasonable. How dare he!

I'm amazed George even believes in Christmas, let alone spends £32 on personalised cards.

And if that was the best/worst the Telegraph could find, I'm not surprised their 'story' flew beneath my radar.

Perhaps you should move to a more scandal-ridden borough?

I guess it's also because London MPs don't receive a second home allowance, which was the focus of much of the abuse and thus the scrutiny.

George has had some difficulty with expenses in the past. 20 years ago actually. Long enough for most people to brush up on their financial skills.

From 1983 to 1987, Galloway was General Secretary of War On Want, a charity founded by Harold Wilson. Galloway increased its income sevenfold, but later faced accusations of misuse of his expenses account, which was £21,000 in 1985-86, to stay in luxury hotels when on foreign trips. He paid back £1,720 after an audit identified a lack of controls, but was cleared of any dishonesty.

War On Want was later found to have been insolvent, and subsequently dismissed all its staff and went into administration. It was rescued and relaunched in 1991. The Charity Commission said the accounts for 1985 to 1989 were mis-stated, and found responsibility lay "to a large extent" with auditors and not any individual. However Galloway, who had been General Secretary for the first three of those years, was found to be "lacking expertise in crucial areas".

He didn't need to claim expenses; Saddam picked up the tab on everything.

The good news is his majority - just 823.

A taxi receipt on the back of a "Vote Boris" leaflet?

Nothing out of the ordinary with George Galloway, he is one smart and very shrewd operator, that should have been swinging next to Saddam if there was any justice in this world!

I guess it's also because London MPs don't receive a second home allowance, which was the focus of much of the abuse and thus the scrutiny.

Lyn Brown, MP for the next constituency, West Ham, has claimed just under nineteen grand in second home allowance for 2007-2008 because travelling home after late night sittings was "too dangerous," whilst her constituents are left to fight off the muggers as best they can.

Sorry, my mistake, it's just "inner London" MPs who are ineligible for second home allowance. This includes Galloway. Instead they receive a supplementary London allowance.

I've seen Banner on quite a few MPs' expenses claims - I think they may be a preferred supplier to Parliament, in the same way that their IT systems are contracted to Dell.

Martin: Banner is the brand of The Stationery Office - the former HMSO, so is to be found all over the public sector.

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