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Nonsuch was used as the title and cover image for a rather good XTC album (pop-pickers).

Interesting enclave.
Well at least the Irish border is nowhere near as intricate as the one between London and Surrey.

Enjoyed the post today,DG. We have often driven through there on the way to see friends and have admired some of those humble dwellings. They bring to mind a line from an old Hancock episode,when looking at a home he says," is that her house? I thought it was a street. I was looking for a row of little doors along the front." Glad you share my opinion of the "improvements" they did to what was a rather lovely house. 😏
I wonder if those old lampposts are still (not sure if these are the correct names) low pressure sodium (the ones that start red and turn orange) or even high pressure mercury (white), we're now all LEDs around here (apart from a handful on a cul-de-sac (built in the 1970s), which the council have either forgotten about (or haven't adopted)).
And to add to the mix the nearest station, Banstead, is in Surrey but is in Zone 6 (and has been for a while).
The private road signs do say that the road is open for public use though. You were very lucky that there was only a puddle for you to ford as at this time of year it is normally a veritable pond at least 20m in length and over six inches deeep (I drove through this yesterday), and a detour through the trees would have been needed.

You would have walked down Sandy Lane to the station and could have stopped off at my place for a cuppa, my road abuts this.

Finally, what is ghastly about living in Sutton (although most of my friends live in Surrey)?
I know the road outside the golf course as the "rat run" between the A232 and Banstead crossroads. Then they put "humps" in and I stopped using it.
Funny thing is I live further up in the Surrey part of Worcester Park and we think we live in Cuddington!
Although it's in Surrey, I see my London Freedom Pass is valid to Banstead and indeed to Epsom Downs at the end of the line. Must start planning a visit to the area in the summer.
I knew of Cuddington, as my cousin was married in St Marys church. I had no idea the place stretched as far SE as almost-Banstead.

At some time in its history the parish must have been split between Ewell (still part of Surrey) and Cheam (now part of the London Borough of Sutton) as the church, along with the site of Nonsuch Palace, are in Surrey.
That McTudor Mansion is everyone's 'what have the neighbours done' nightmare. Bonus points for tacky electric gates, fully paved front garden, and well over a dozen of those strange fake topiary plastic spheres! Street view suggests it replaced a rather pleasant and unobtrusive house.
There is no need to be so rude about my house. It looks much nicer than our second home in Clacton,
Cuddington even had a LT bus service to Cheam in the 1950s. It lasted nine months.

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