please empty your brain below

That's my best mate's city. I would say that you nailed it.

Apart, that is, from the food court upstairs in INTU - it is ginormous (yes, I've eaten there a few times).

The 15 minute walk to/from the station is a drag though.
Well, that's my weekend away in Derby cancelled.
I could attend an agm in Derby next month in a venue near the station. Thanks for your preview of the area,-I shall not be going!.
Shame that two useful items- a public clock and toilets have been replaced by some large rings, maybe people chain their bicycles to them.
A pretty impressive collection of photos for 20 minutes. It would have taken me that time to take just one of them - and it would not have been framed right.
You've nailed it DG, well done :)
I've lived here for 61 years!!
Very surprised it took you all of 20 mins though... LOL
Hmm. 40 minutes to kill at Derby station. Can we look forward to a post from Matlock?
You achieved more exploring in 20 mins than I've managed on several trips to Derby over the years. I hate that long drag from the station to the City Centre.

I look forward to hearing about Crich tram museum and/or the Heights of Abraham. ;-)
This is what I love about your blog!
I presume you had a 40 minute wait for a connecting train! It wouldn't have occurred for me to go exploring in that time!
In fact in many stations (like Watford Junction) it would have taken me 40 minutes to find the correct platform!
I did exactly the same when I visited Derby station. Walked into town and then back out again in less than an hour. Done.
Scott says:
Jones the Planner says:
You can't claim to have visited anywhere in the East Midlands until someone calls you 'Duck'!
Yes you should go to the National Tramway Museum at Crich if you haven't already done so and also see the facade of the Derby Assembly Rooms which are erected there - I spent a fascinating morning there last week - Derbyshire is truly spectacular - don't really know why it took me so long to visit
You could have gone on to another section of former Midland Railway main line on the Monsal Trail.
If you come up this way again I could show you some great bits of this wonderful city, all you have to do is look in the right places,( and were to get a good cup of tea).
Did you choose not to visit the railway workers village or the roundhouse? There is quite a lot worth seeing by the station even though the station buildings themselves have been replaced.
I had 20 minutes. The roundhouse was in the wrong direction. I did walk through the railway workers village, though.

Harsh but fair. I went to uni there, had a good time, but no great inkling to go back. They say 'eh up duck' there too.
Bakewell Tarts aren't a thing in Derbyshire.

Bakewell Pudding however...

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