please empty your brain below

1) Piccadilly Circus, at a guess. I seem to think all of the entrances are simple stairways in the pavement.

1. I'll take Vauxhall.

(a). Gants Hill will do for now.

Have no idea at all what the answer to (b) might be, though...

1) Hyde Park Corner, if you discount the pizza place that used to be part of the station but isn't any more.

I also first thought Picadilly Circus...

2) Hatton Cross, perhaps

I'd go for Piccadilly Circus too....

There's more than one answer to a).

a) Regent's Park. And unlike Hyde Park Corner, it never had a building.

a. chancery lane

I'm going to go for a bit of a wildcard with Heathrow Terminal 4.

Manor House for a)? Or does that sheltered entrance count as a building?

Could a) be Bond Street? It seems to lurk at the bottom of a little shopping mall, and cam be difficult to find your way out of.

Old Street - just a roundabout.

Oxford Circus?

Re (a), My first thought was of Regents Park - I see Chz has already answered that.

a. Old Street???
b. Hatton Cross

I have that warm "I am right" feeling which bitter experience teaches me will transform rapidly into "oops I'm wrong actually"...

It couldn't possibly.... could it....

Mornington Crescent??

For b) Hatton Cross is in 5 & 6 I think?

a: Green Park?

a) Bethnal Green

What about Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square?

a) Westminster, too, I think, though one of the entrances could be said to be above ground. Not sure.

a) you can add Notting Hill Gate

Doesn't that round building just inside the park gates belong to Bethnal Green underground station though??

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