please empty your brain below

My old stomping ground.

I've always thought that the TT plates were a bit strange. Owns the veterinary hospital round the corner on the main road.

Also own a number of the flats in the estate between the Post Office and the tube station. Word on the streets is that they are just about the most decent and caring landlords in London.

Aspirational? I suspect they have everything they want or need.

Northala Fields looks like a required diversion next time I'm back in the area.

DG, the quality of your research and writing becomes even more clear when, as a reader, one knows a little about the subject.

But where is the usual place?

Yes, where is it? I've been following the blog for months and have never seen a reference to this!!

Civil engineering term of the day: "One side of this path was edged by crushed concrete encased in steel wire cages" = gabion wall.

Unless I haven't been keeping up, I think this is a PR/marketing stunt to gauge the possible take-up... Or otherwise you have lots of imaginary friends?

We passed those hills several times this summer. They certainly stand out!
Didn't realise they were new though because as a non-driver I don't travel the A40 much, and despite being NW London born & bred I really don't know that area at all!

First I've heard of DG Tours too!

Unless he is worried about possible stalkers?

Maybe only a select group of blog readers were invited to participate :-(

Or is to make this Sunday post feel like a report in a parish newsletter about a recent activity?

Would like to come along too - where can we find the details?

Glad I'm not the only one, then.

Actually I think the phrase "Apparently it's de rigeur on guided walks ...." gives the game away.

Or he is no longer single ...

DG, spill the beans! I think ou may be right, Blue Witch...

Ah, how considerate of you to post the details of time and venue next to that compendium of the rules for Mornington Crescent. A couple of rounds of that will round off my Boxing Day nicely.

Last time I drove down the A40 someone had 'painted' a giant cock and balls into the grass on one of the cones with weedkiller.
Must say it made me smile, while tut tutting.

DG, you never resolved this for us... If it's all a clever fiction - which is what I am assuming - well... tee hee!


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