please empty your brain below

An amazing medley of diverse topics in one read.
Oh dear. Am I the only one to find the Boring conference far more interesting than the Interesting conference?
I visited the Sierra Leone national railway workshops in 1980, long after the rails had been torn up. They had been relegated to doing metalwork odd-jobs for the government by then, such as making street rubbish bins etc. I needed some metal-bashing work done on some ventilation air ducting for a TV transmitter installation I was doing on Leicester Peak, overlooking Freetown. Very helpful people.
Had I known about the walled-up locomotives, I’d have asked for a peek!
love the idea of the tampon club ... like most women I guess I used to keep emergency supplies in my desk drawer ... I'm not working any longer and too old to need it, just hope the younger generation take this up
Nice write up. Please say someone filmed the whole thing and I can watch it on YouTube or other platform.
It seems that the bus Hoppa ticket is worthy of more comments. More interesting? I think not !
@Caz: When I needed to keep a tampon handy I popped it in my cleavage.

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