please empty your brain below

I've adopted a new approach to all the 'marketing'/'PR' rubbish I get.

I play a game. It's called let's spot who is falling for this rubbish and writing about it.

Then, all I need to do is avoid their blogs.

Simple :)

And it's amazing who does fall for it/how low some people's 'prices' are...

Unfortunately I expect Claire will be doomed to a life of ill-paid jobs for public sector organisations while the rest of the PR noodles will go from strength to strength.

You not doing this stuff obviously doesn't make them less interested in asking you. So you should go and take advantage of the free hospitality and still not write about it :)

If I got invitations like this and not really a busy person, well I would like to take it even though I am not interested to write about them. Just killing some time.

I think this a bit harsh. For a start, it's not realistic to expect everyone who contacts you to have read your blog on a daily basis and have understood your attitude and approach. If you want that, then a closed discussion list would be a better format. Someone dipping into a piece documenting the river Effra may not pick up on your dislike of blog-related marketing. My suggestion - replace your email link with a page of who you want to contact you, or a link to relevant blog posts.

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