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While recalling the illustrations on Rocque's 1746 Map of London, I wasn't previously aware of the term tenterground - so today is already worthwhile.
I've not been for a curry on Brick Lane for quite a while, but I seem to recall always picking the one with the picture of Princess Diana on the wall. Not that she'd ever been a customer - perhaps they thought the picture was a draw in itself.

I'm sure this will have been linked here before, but here's a marvellous little documentary from 1992 about the Beigel Bake and its customers that's well worth ten minutes of your time
My mum and her mum used to live in the Flower & Dean street tenements off Brick Lane, and so did my dad's nan (which was how my parents met). Moving forward in time, the Beigal Bake was where my friends and I would rock up at 4am after a night out. Brick Lane looks a bit artfully designed these days but there's still a pulse under the surface, as your post today shows!
Brick Lane had an Odeon cinema which later became the Naz cinema before closing and there is now a block of apartments on the site.

I often used to go to Fournier Street to visit people I knew who had a house there which they were restoring to residential use from it garment factory days
Thanks as ever for the blog.

Quick relevant piece of info I thought you may find interesting. TH council wanted to rename Osborn St to Lower Brick Lane - they were stopping people in the street asking about it last year. No idea if anything came of it - some fairly high level details here.
I went to the Crosstown Doughnuts website because I assumed the "£30 more per dozen" was a typo. It wasn't.

> The last few metres of Alie Street are actually called Goodman's Stile - I've not sussed why…

Sussed! Goodman’s Stile, “I suppose which used to be a stepping place into Goodman’s Fields” (reminiscenses of Dr John Sebastian Helmcken, written 1892)

“[A Minorite] Convent-farm was leased to one Goodman, from whom ‘Goodman’s Fields,’ ‘Goodman’s Stile,’ and ‘Goodman’s Yard’ take their names.” (Walks in London, 1878)
I confess to being baffled by "wives hurling keys down from balconies" unless it's to husbands/children who have forgotten or can't be trusted with their own key. If I ever tried that the key would inevitably end up wedged somewhere inaccessible!
GOOGLE Earth Street View shows a fish and chips shop at the junction of Whitechapel High Street and Osborn Street called "Jack the Chipper".

If it's still there, I can't believe you missed making the obvious observation!

dg writes: Still there, but its address is on the A11 not the B134.

Brick Lane is always one of those streets I feel I should know a lot better than I actually do!
I'd be hard pressed to pinpoint it on a map, but would at least be looking in the right general area!
FYI the Hampton by Hilton is by no means a 5 star brand, the Hampton is Hilton's limited service mid-scale brand (think ibis red / holiday inn express ) not the main "core brand" Hilton, which would even struggle to be called 5 star nowadays.

dg writes: updated, thanks.
John- the frontage of the old Odeon cinema still survives, and indeed now displays the original name of the cinema- Mayfair.
John S - Last time I visited Brick Lane (about 3 years ago) there was also a barbers called 'Jack the Clipper'.
Meantime over in Greenwich they also have a chippy called Jack the Chipper, and never mind that Jack never laid a violent hand on anyone south of the Thames so far as we know.
Klepsie: it's another branch of the one on the corner of Osborn Street.

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