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Putin crosses another thing off his "To Do" List.
Your last line...

Absolutely. Nothing has happened yet, except we have some new 50p coins and the Mail and Express can print nationalistic headlines against a backdrop of the Union flag or the white cliffs of Dover, and tell us how Boris done well
Spot on. Except... Katie Hopkins was kicked off Twitter yesterday! 😁
Smiling and nodding along, despite feeling profoundly sad today.
MO. Not quite nothing has happened. Britain will have passed the point of no return, and revocation will no longer be an option. I'm sure we all have our views on whether this is a good thing or not
Never have I felt more embarrassed to be British. This is such a stupid thing to do.

Deep inside I will never forgive the Brexiters and their mindless cheerleaders.
23:00...shout 'bong' twelve times
Classic geezer
What Terence Trent Nottingham said + 1
23:00 - they'll shout bong twelve times - why would they be on European time?

I thoroughly agree that those who thought that Brexit would magically solve all of their problems will be disappointed, and politicians won't be able to blame Brussels anymore (although they'll try).

Still it'll be interesting to see how things pan out.
Recently got myself an Irish passport.Virtually everyone in the UK can get one, maybe even Eire international footballer Tony Cascarino.
Well I unfortunately am not eligible for an Irish passport.
A very sad day and beginning of the decline of this country and probable the break up of the UK.
I am now waiting for calls to rejoin.
That thought gives me some hope.
Loved this, but to be a bit pedantic, construction of the Humber Bridge started in 1972 ie pre Common Market and thus presumably was not funded by 'dirty European money'
We will leave the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community.
Thanks DG, a much needed tonic.

Oh, and my CAMRA newspaper received yesterday confirms that Watneys Red Barrel is indeed set for a comeback.

And that was the single most absurd prediction of them all.
A lapse from your usual admirable impartiality DG.
Watneys now brewed in Belgium - albeit not Red Barrel - "we" would have to buy the brand name back off Heineken.
You’re on sparkling form today DG:) But now I’m worried about flooding in Islington...
Dg, you may have missed the •delightfull • news that Hatie Katie had her Twitter account suspended yesterday so she is unable to post vitriolic tweets anymore ...
Thank goodness we'll still be members of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights (etc.) which some may have thought they were getting out of!
Great stuff. Here's hoping 2020 is, somehow, not terrible and we avoid Trump Take 2 and a crash-out to see in the New Year.
Yesterday the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom met with the Secretary of State of the United States. The dawn of a new era of diplomacy, trade and cooperation away from the Tower of Babel in Brussels.

Today we see Brexit for the United Kingdom and hopefully the United States will see the end of the ludicrous process of Impeachment of President Trump . In my mind the two are not unrelated.. Common sense returns!
Ah, you must be new around here Andy. Either that, or unable to read all the numerous previous posts like this of a similar nature.
Referring to a catchy old tune that some may recall.... C'est Ci Bon - Ci Bong, Ci Bong....
I'll be with the 22:30 crowd tonight.
AndrewD - not new, a long time follower. I just thought this one was rather more blatantly biased than previous similar posts or maybe I don't pay enough attention being more interested in what DG does well i.e. exploring places and providing a great source of ideas for days out. Like many I voted remain but wanted to see the result honoured. We've spent nearly 4 years on this - it is time to move on in a spirit of optimism (and not the blind sort - we should always hold the government to account and be constructively critical). I worry that a spirit of sniping, sneering negativity becomes self fulfilling, leading to failure giving some the comfort of saying "I told you so".
DG - as long as you keep to travelogues and political comment separate I'll continue to be a fan.
The blue flag with twelve stars has been the flag of the Council of Europe since 1955, though used also by the EU since 1985. We will still be in the Council of Europe and therefore we can, and should, still fly the Euro flag.
Queues are already forming at the ports and around fuel stations.

Panic-buying is being reported by all the major supermarkets.

Chemists state very low stocks of flu medicines.

The selling of fireworks has been banned.

All police leave is cancelled.

Troops have been put on-standby.

David Cameron and Theresa May among others have been moved to "safe-houses".

and anyone seen displaying a Union Jack or Euro flag will be arrested for breach of the peace.
I am always amazed by how some people like to blame everything on Putin.
one of DG's finest was the blog entry the day before the referendum in in 2016, go back and have a read.

if you really want to honour something that people were duplicitiously conned into voting for, then you have right there a reason why for years to come division will continue, healing will not happen, and there will be plenty of "told you so" moments to come.
Thanks for providing a laugh on this dark day for the UK.
Why ever should a personal blog not be biased?

According to CAMRA's 'Beer' magazine (Spring 2020) the Watneys name in the UK has been bought/taken over by a new company who are using it to sell (although not themselves brew) beer. Though to be fair, they haven't actually resurrected the Red Barrel name ... yet. Party Seven, though.

What a conversation to be having on Brexit day.
Excellent. You just ruined 10 years of news headlines for the Onion though.
I’m waiting for buyer’s remorse to set in. We are going to find this more difficult and more damaging than we expect, and eventually we might remember why we joined the EEC in the first place, and indeed why we championed the creation of the single market. But I expect at least 10 years of this government, and Trump could be re-elected, so god help us all.
Odd how Leavers tend to be so humourless. I would have thought everyone would have been able to raise an indulgent smile at today's blog.
A great day today!!!!
Only a fool would be impartial about something so obviously stupid.

This is a date which will live in infamy.
If only I could have married an American television star and moved to Canada. Then get away from all this nonsense.
I personally find the mention of an American TV star and moving to Canada the most interesting piece here!
""Like many I voted remain but wanted to see the result honoured. We've spent nearly 4 years on this - it is time to move on in a spirit of optimism."

As a British passport holder and someone born in Hampstead, I was denied a vote, although the result probably affected me more and earlier than anyone else here mouthing off about honouring the dishonourable.

I'm sorry I don't believe the nonsense about a remainer wanting to accept the vote. No, more like a leaver, ashamed to admit the creek he/she/it sent the country up.. and without a paddle.

Nobody except a fool, a liar or a charlatan should ever accept the result of that referendum. It was and still is a con, a fraud on the British people and also against the wishes of the electorate of two countries in the union.
In the grand tradition of Guy Fawkes night, in three hundred years from now Britons will be gathering around bonfires and ritually shooting one another in the foot to commemorate this auspicious day.
There’s been one of those fried chicken places up the road for years, except it’s spelt ‘Khlorinated Fried Chicken’ going by the sign. It is the food equivalent of Watneys Red Barrel. A lethal combination that will sustain all going forward into the bright and exciting times ahead, necessarily sustained by our DG daily blogjoy.
March 2021--Budget day. Cash strapped UK government increases duty on imported alcohol, raising price of EU wine lake plonk to £15 per bottle supermarket retail prices, and large size (600ml+) bottled EU beers to £5 per bottle. Price of domestically brewed British Sherry stays at £6 per bottle.

[Plan your last booze cruise to the EU now to stock up while you can still bring in a boot load for personal use duty free.]
I cannot fathom why people take umbrage when DG expresses a political opinion. It's his blog and he can post what he ruddy well likes. Personally, under-used bus routes in the outer suburbs leave me cold, but until now, I've kept quiet and not let it trouble me.

Actually I can fathom it - such people are humorless twonks.
Whatever you think will happen is just your opinion and many other people will have a different opinion. No-one knows what will happen or what would have happened if we had stayed on. Dwelling on what might have been is pointless.

Whether you agree or disagree with Brexit, whether you think the result will be good or bad, the future success or failure of the UK is now in our hands. It is time to move on and make the most of it.

Oh, and well done DG, excellent post.
Jimbo has basically said what I wanted to say but better.
The antics of the Brexit Party MEPs goes no way to persuade me that this leaving malarkey is anything to be proud of, or to 'move on'. As part of a family predicated on the free movement ideal, I will not gladly accommodate this swindling attack on my liberty, but I don't harbour grudges for long.

Having said that, I doubt that if governments had magically 'listened to the North' earlier, it would have prevented certain agitators stirring up resentments against the EU that many didn't actually have before.

Roll on sunlit uplands. The country expects.
It's getting frighteningly close to 2108 so I'll call it a day now just in case. Thanks as always for your great posts, and especially for this superb post today. Best wishes, DavidC.
But future success isn't in your hands Jimbo is it? It is 1 government trading against 27 others.. The Brexiters like to condense everything into EU against UK, but it isn't like that.
If Spain don't like the deal with Gibraltar, they can block. If Denmark don't like fishing, they can block. Poland doesn't like the U.K.'s treatment of Poles in the U.K. they can block. That's how little the U.K. understands the working of the EU. It's not all over now, it hasn't yet begun. I can still see a possibilty of the U.K. plopping over the preverbial cliff come December. They may even be what the PM wants.
The EU as whole may really be sad to see the U.K.'s ignorance on European solidarity and its leaving the EU. But they will be very hard trading partners indeed. In order to sell anything in the EU, it will have to be in metric standards, and follow all their rules. 27 against 1 ..
In the now famous one liner.. YOU will need them, much more they they need you.
The future of the country is in the hands of feckless morons. You cut off our hands.

I would just like to point out that my computer crashed at exactly 22:59. Talk about a bad omen...
Ashamed to be British. We’re like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum at someone’s party because we can’t get our own way.
"11:17 Wetherspoons will no longer serve foreign lagers, but hurrah, Watney's Red Barrel is back"

Just before reading this I was reading a CAMRA magazine article about someone with City money reviving the Watneys name! They've apparently re-brewed Party 7 (not to the original recipe) but have no plans yet to re-introduce Red Barrel.

"20:50 Wetherspoons announces that people who voted Remain are no longer welcome in its pubs"

I will no longer drink in Spoons pubs after a leaflet was pushed through my letterbox last summer from the company, (I'm in Watford = Spoons HQ) the front page of which essentially said "all Remain voters are elitist liberal scum". It went straight in the recycling bin with all the other leave / remain propaganda sheets, but Tim Martin won't get any more of my money.
5 years independent Scotland rejoins the EU
10 years united Ireland
20 years, theres a little voice knocking on the door asking to be let back into the EU
20 years on (alternative) Little voice signs on the dotted line to be a "Territory of the US" (like Puerto Rico if we are lucky, Guam if we are not). [Territories are controlled directly by US Federal government, with local decision making more like a UK country council than a US state]
Guardian news article
Not quite 13:21 on Saturday 1st, but very close.

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