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Hurrah for another DG tube special!

My first thought, before I even got to your comments, was "No *way* Waterloo to Bank is a 15 minute walk. The shuttle bus takes about that." Heck, Southwark to London Bridge has got to be pushing 15 minutes.

The other thing it lacks is distances between stations not on the same tube line e.g. tot court road to piccadilly circus is probably pushing it for being quicketr on foot due to the interchange at oxford circus/leicester square if you take the tube.

Also, I'm not in the habit of promoting my blog in comments on other blogs as I reckon it's quite cheeky, but as you're going totally tubular you might be interested in this:

Elephant & Castle also missing from that Zone 1 Map.

Waterloo - Bank in 15 mins? Not a chance

Ah, but Green Park → Westminster [ love those arrows btw ] has to be one of the loveliest walks across the parks and through the parliamentary district. Think of what you'd be missing by tube.

Mile End to Stratford would be a walk and a half!

Bank-Waterloo besides, I think most of the times on here are pretty good. Tfl themselves should complete and publish this as a way to relieve congestion - they already reccomend people walk to Covent Garden from Holborn or Leicester Square.

OK, here's a Zone 1 Top 10 compiled by just using the Walkit website. The times are for "fast" walking pace. And yes, the Waterloo and City line comes out on top...

1) 21 minutes: Waterloo → Bank
2) 18 minutes: Kings Cross → Farringdon
3) 17 minutes: Green Park → Westminster
4) 15 minutes: Angel → Old Street
5=) 14 minutes: Green Park → Victoria; South Kensington → Sloane Square
7=) 13 minutes: High Street Kensington → Gloucester Road; Oxford Circus → Warren Street; Southwark → London Bridge
10=) 12 minutes: Kings Cross → Angel; Baker Street → Bond Street

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