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Saturday: whatever the taste experience, chicken must be capable of being more visually appealing.
Is the Range Rover located (semi-appropriately) at South Wimbledon station?

dg writes: it is.
Is the final picture on the edge of Bath?
The railway bridge crosses the line between Sutton and Carshalton Beeches, just over half a mile east of Sutton Town centre, and immediately south of a similar bridge between Sutton and Carshalton.

Can't begin to work out what brought you to this neck of the woods though?!
Suggesting a link with DGD.
Lorenzo, those hills are a long way from Harefield and Croxley. But maybe you have been HS2 viewing around there?
Perhaps even a Happy weekend?
Last photo looks like where some of Happy Valley was filmed. So maybe a satisfying conclusion to Sunday watching TV.
I'd hazard a guess that the location of the second photo is somewhere near that of the sixth...

dg writes: they're 182 miles apart.
Had a lovely weekend. Got my bicycle out for a ride on Sunday in the sun.
Went to see the Orchids at Kew.
Well this won’t help count number 3 very much!
Last one: Hebden Bridge or nearby?
I had a lovely weekend - I turned off email notifications!
12 noon: post updated with full text
On Saturday afternoon I was singing madrigals in a house just a couple of hundred metres from that narrow bridge.
Blimey! Name-checked at the start of a DG blog post. Day made!!
The list of Harvesters seems to be missing a few in SW London. For example, there's one in Sutton Common Road just north of the Sutton bypass, and another in Morden just south of Merton College.
Hmm, Harvester have seemingly decided that four of their London restaurants - Sidcup, Addington, Morden and Sutton - aren't in London. An odd choice, given they kept Bromley in. Again all are in zones 4-6.

Post updated, thanks.
The Harvester in the O2 also closed some time ago. I think it might be a Nicholson's now
Well done, hopeless Harvester website.

Updated again, thanks.
At least they serve food, as per the Croxley Harvester. The nearby Brewer's Fayre, The Rising Sun has had pictures of food on its display boards for ever, but without serving any since lockdown, just a sign on the door "breakfasts only, due to unforeseen circumstances" or something similar.
Beckenham has a narrow bridge over the railway, though as it is hump-backed cars couldn’t see what was coming the other way often leading to two cars meeting at the brow neither prepared to give way or with several cars right behind them not allowing them to easily reverse. Sometimes there were stand offs, often bad language and sometimes even fights - always congestion at busy times.

Initially the Council decided to try and give priority to one particular direction but as it was a blind hump - that didn’t work that successfully as you only knew you had to give way once you had reached half way across.

Now the Council have made it one way though that means a bit of inconvenience for those who want to go in the opposite direction.
Blue skies and warm sunshine around here on Sunday, canal and walking routes all busy, aquadrome very popular for so early in the year. It would have been lovely to welcome you in for a cuppa, although only spicy rock cakes on the sweet trolley this weekend, hopefully next time.
Yes thanks I did; third week running I volunteered as timekeeper at barking parkrun saturday morning then lunch in the daily munch, a laurel & hardy tribute act at barking broadway in pm, and joined a litter-picking party on ilford river roding path on sunday.
The Harvester at Woodford Green changed to a Miller and Carter a few years ago.
My weekend? 12 hours on planes heading westward across the International Date Line, so no Saturday at all and only half of Sunday on terra firma, jetlagged.

But worth it!
Woodford Green closed? Ah yes, sorry. Also, it turns out, Ruislip, Southgate and Grange Park.

The Harvester website is impressively poor.

Updated yet again, thanks.
Should I be pleased or sad that I identified the drab backdrop of South Wimbledon station this morning? It’s an area close to home.

I’m informed that I was less accurate about the vehicle - a Discovery is in the Land- rather than Range- Rover range.
Still a bit too rugged for SW19, unless you’re evil and hunting for Wombles on the Common!
Long before it became a Harvester, the Beulah Spa restaurant was mentioned in the short story Mr. Watkins Tuttle by Charles Dickens (one of the Sketches By Boz)
I'm not sure if it's intended or coincidental, but on second glance that chicken looks suspiciously fish-shaped to me.

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