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Also on the Royal Docks side of the cable car, next to the wake boarding and the bar on a boat is the Newham Beach. That bit did seem very popular with families recently and there was a long queue at the ice cream van.
North side. Trinity Buoy Wharf? There's the Long Player, Faraday hut and Fatboy's Diner. Once upon a time there might have been a ferry back to the O2. But the walk from the dangleway terminal is a bit uninspiring.
What about promoting 'The Line'? Thought part of the rationale for that was that you'd see the sculptures near the O2, take the cable car over the river and follow the route up to Stratford?
DG continues to be offended - nay outraged - by the very existence of this thing, while most people have the ability to simply ignore something that doesn't interest them.

Why the 2 by 4 on the shoulder?
Hmmm. You might be right about your average visitor not being likely to follow a cablecar ride with a walk of 13 miles, or longer.
But, hey, doing that kind of distance is easily within scope on a pushbike, particularly because most of the going is flat.
It's a given fact that the cablecar does carry bicycles* Maybe that's one of their features they could promote better.
Bring your bike - go where you like!

*Never tried it with a Boris bike but presumably it applies to them too.
The danger with suggesting Stratford as a potential destination is people might notice it's a lot easier to get there from the O2 by the Jubilee Line.
To be fair, the dangleway probably has much more of an urban planning role than a transport one. We can all agree that with the promotion of round-trips, the cable car has about as much transport use as the London Eye, but importantly it does get people into area who might never have gone there before. It's not so much about implanting the idea of buying a home there as much as improving the reputation of the place. You'll get West Londoners who might never been to East London for a decade dropping in for a visit, and realising that it's not that grim. Royal Victoria might not yet be implanted in Londoners' minds in the same way as Shoreditch or Bethnal Green, but 'next to the Cable Car' and everyone will know where it is.

Yes the thing was expensive and it completely fails to live up to any proper transport purpose. But its potential for regeneration is positively huge. By the same reasoning, you might as well say that the Olympic Park is useless since it doesn't move!!
Planner, I wish I could agree with you, but I think the declining numbers prove that the Dangleway DOESN'T get new people into the area. It's a shame we don't know how many Dangleway users would have come anyway, to visit the Dome or the Excel, though I imagine the answer is "most of them".

Like the New Bus for London, it's just another expensive white elephant (I would call them ego boosts for Boris, but his ego's quite big enough already) that Londoners will be paying for for a long time to come.
Planner: I completely agree with you. The Dangleway brings a bit of animation to a rather dull corner of docklands, extremely valuable for regeneration.

The Crystal was bitterly dissapointing even when it was free. I don't know what I was expecting, but i recently went to the Shanghai Urban Planning Hall which was stunning AND informative.
My mum is desperate to go on the Dangleway, and as she wants to also visit the Olympic park, I think this summer might be the time to do it. Especially as there are 12 "Books About Town" benches in the Greenwich area, which being an avid reader, will tick another box for her!
Otherwise I see absolutely no reason to travel all the way from NW London just to go on it!
Maybe the next mayor will have the common sense to add the Dangleway to Travelcards and Oyster capping. Then it might actually have a purpose. Until then, I'll continue to regard it as a complete waste of time and - more importantly - of my tax money.

I wouldn't object if this thing had been built with pure private finance, and as a tourist attraction. But I don't see why London's body charged with public transport should be running a tourist attraction.
The Crystal - They give you a free book. So I assume they found that they had hugely over ordered on the books, and therefore cooked up this cunning plan to "sell more"
I was very disappointed with the Crystal, and that was when it was free. Rude unhelpful staff, and the underground-related section, which was what I'd gone there for, was accessed by a flight of stairs with no handrails. I walk with a stick but I can manage stairs as long as there's a rail.
Then the dangleway was "suspended" due to winds, which spoilt the rest of my plans for the day.

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