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More expensive rail journeys? Heathrow Express? A few stops in zone 1?

I don't think the train would have gone over 100 mph on your journey. I believe that's what they're limited to in the tunnels between Ebbsfleet and St Pancras.

Never mind train journeys, try the Thames Clipper service between the Rotherhithe Hilton and Canary Wharf if you want an expensive trip. £3.20 to go 300 metres in about two minutes. That's over £15 per mile, three times as much as a taxi.

Ebbsfleet United used to be Gravesend and Northfleet FC but changed their name to Ebbsfleet in exchange for a healthy shirt sponsorship and ground improvement programme from Eurostar.

As for getting Eurostar trains from Ebbsfleet, there are an awful lot of us in the south east (the bits that are not London, which is really quite a lot, although you'd never believe it) who would much prefer to get trains to the continent from Ashford. But Eurostar don't like that idea, so now there is a lovely cross-country service from Brighton that links up to nothing in particular and a set of international platforms at Ashford that serve hardly any trains at all. (Grumble, grumble).

Apparently all stations in the UK are subject to Section 22 of the No Publicity act, as are most of the touristy bits of London. But exactly where you cannot take photos is a state secret.

Northfleet station is by far the cheapest, & most convenient for Ebbsfleet United. Never did like them though...ruined my 12th birthday by beating my team, Dulwich Hamlet in an FA Cup 3rd Qualifying round replay in 1978! Oldest continuous used stand in football there I beleive, from 1906?
Have you evercovered nearby Gravesend on your previous trips? Am eclectic mix of old historic, modern run down & chavvy, all in one!

Wel it looks like I'm not the only one to go "Ah hah, I have also paid lots of money for a terribly short train journey!".

The one that springs to mind is in Norway, out east of Bergen. As you cycle along the Navvie's Route, there's one section where you have to pay for the train, as there's a tunnel to get through, and no road around it. That's about 11 pounds for a 5 minute trip, not even going at speed, just creeping along through a short tunnel. It was very tempting to just push our bikes through the damn thing, but unfortunately there were freight trains running all night, and we would have certainly been squished.

Thanks for the link to my Ebbsfleet photoset. Disappointing to hear things still haven't improved there for pedestrians since the full service launched. Hopefully at least the rotting fox nearby has finished decomposing.

I think there was talk of some sort of pedestrian bridge or similar from Northfleet to Ebbsfleet at one point but that was years ago and there's not much sign of that happening.

@ Mr Thant

The line between StP and Ebbsfleet is good for 140mph, except the western half of the tunnels west of Stratford (good for 125mph) and the StP approaches (good for 30mph max (?) for obvious reasons).

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