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Great article, thanks DG.

"... Uplees, near the site of the DLR station, ..." Wait, what? Does DLR also have some wartime meaning?
Chalk up one 'gotcha' to dg then... the plentiful links are well worth investigating.
DLR would be "Davington Light Railway", an old narrow-gauge line in the First World War to ferry workers from Faversham to the gunpowder factories. Don't know if DG meant to talk about it and forgot or is just referring to the map on the link.

Interesting post though - I'd previously had the impression Faversham was a bit like Swanley, to be honest.
For those interested, a tunnel from the line does still survive at Pheasant Farm, just north of Oare if you zoom in on the map.
Don't know if DG meant to talk about it and forgot or...

...or perhaps meant to mention it in Saturday's post, because, you know.
"...slightly controversially....."

Intriguing! You can't leave it like that, DG. Do tell us more.

dg writes: See this link from earlier in the paragraph. :)
Sincere apologies for my presuming, DG.
I am interested....... who are the other two? Great post, thanks as ever, DG
Dear DG, I realise it is in common (mis)use but "added bonus" is a tautology. Bonuses are added by definition.

Otherwise great article!
I'd like to apologise profusely for my damaging use of the tautology "added bonus", and also offer a contrite retrospective apology for my twelve previous usages of this phrase which may have significantly tarnished otherwise readable articles.
Maybe the Luftwaffe gave it a miss because, on past evidence, we were quite capable of blowing up the area ourselves without their help?

Given its meteorological claim to fame it is interesting that, according to the link, hot weather was a contributory cause of the explosion
Nothing wrong with "added bonus".

There were lots of nice buildings. A (first) bonus was that there are a lot of independent traders. A further (added) bonus was that it was market day.
Is this a original post or one where "creative control" has been applied?
#9 (Oare Marshes): --- did the driver edge back very carefully in reverse -- and by then was he Sheepish..
Thank you for a very good, vivid feature on Faversham...i will now stop there en route to Cantab.
Have now planned my day off tomorrow!
Give DG a break! Using two words that mean the same thing (added bonus) is actually a recognized linguistic thing, called hendiadys. Shakespeare used it regularly, especially in Hamlet.
"...slightly controversially....."

Humble apologies DG for not opening the earlier link.

I will now resolve never to ask a question until all links have been studied first ! ;o))
No, my fault. I considered adding the link but decided that twice in two sentences might be overdoing it... turns out twice would have been more useful.
Lots of hops in morris dances...

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