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Just across the road from the beautiful William Morris Gallery that you featured yesterday is the sports shop that young David Beckham purchased his very first pair of football boots from, and a few years ago it was from the very same shop that he decided to launch the sale of his new range of "Beckham Boots" so this rather small but very well stocked sports shop suddenly became the focus of worldwide media attention if only for a few hours while David was whisked up in a limo, stayed for about fifteen minutes and was duly whisked away again.

> For the O's this season, another big fat zero awaits.

Mid-table obscurity in League One is pretty good considering that we looked dead on certain for relegation earlier in the season

I'm surprised you've left out a mention of Waltham Forest's truly most famous (ex)resident - Sir Alfred Hitchcock! Leytonstone tube has murals of his works and there is the Sir Alfred Hitchcock pub overlooking Hollow Ponds boating lake. He also has links to the old EMD cinema in Walthamstow which is currently under threat of being turned into a Brazilian church.

I like what you've done with the layout. The red Xs really highlight the.... no, I'm kidding. I think you have a problem Geez....

I'd say Gilwell Park is the most important Scout Campsite in the country, if not the world.

I spent a very happy year living in (a house in) the shadow of the then-functioning Walthamstow Stadium, and there was definitely an aura of Beckham about the place.

Or not.

Still, great place to live. I miss Walthamstow, with all its foibles and obsession with Beckham.

Walthamstow holds good memories for me. Both my parents grew up there and when I was a kid we would sometimes trek across London at the weekend to visit aunts and uncles and cousins.

Funnily enough, I never did visit Gilwell Park when I was in the Scouts.

You really must get out more, Andrew.

Is the O's team bus really from Sarf of the river? And South East London to boot? Unbelievable

dg writes: As I said, I have no proof it was the O's team bus. Andersons are based just south of Tower Bridge, so they're not very Sarf. Maybe a wise choice for a trip to Millwall.

PS I can't find any connection between the late Peter May and Waltham ABbey or Essex..anyone know why?

dg writes: Probably because Walthamstow isn't near Waltham Abbey and it isn't in Essex.

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