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To me, drinking from the bottle is far more of an affectation than using a glass.
After visiting the art gallery across the road and being in need of refreshment (not of the tea/coffee variety) we dropped in to the Bow Bell for a livener.
I did visit the 'haunted' ladies and can confirm that it is! The Phantom Loo Paper Thief had paid a visit! 👻👻
In common with the other series this month, I assume that that’s the last we’ll be hearing about your locals? Well done for turning a crafty beer into a whole blogpost, though!
'..take courage..' - now that takes me back. I expect a tenuous reference to Ind Coope, Hoffmeister and/or Double Diamond in the next instalment.
Looking forward to you visit to the Galvanisers Union. Great pub, furnished from an old factory and (as with most Antic pubs) the house clearances of a dozen deceased pensioners.

dg writes: It's number 5 on my list.
I like a nice cosy pub, but if it's got a Sky Sports sign outside, and lots of flags, I walk past..
As an afc Bournemouth fan I enjoyed your comment of “Bournemouth versus somebody on Sunday afternoon”.

I’ve only been in the Bow Bells before a game at the Olympic stadium and it actually has a far better atmosphere than most of the football pubs in the area. Feels like a proper boozer and loved that it had a chaz and Dave album on when I last in there. I hope the pub can keep some of its character during the inevitable gentrification in the area.
The Bow Bells probably has a better atmosphere during a game than the Olympic Stadium does.
I normally make a point of visiting local pubs wherever my wanders take me. However, on my first ever visit to Bow earlier this year, I found it easy to pass by this orange high-viz monstrosity without being tempted to enter. Nothing in your review indicates that I made an error of judgement.
scouting locations for the great DG readers get-together i see. awesome! be sure to give us all plenty of notice
Yay Pub reviews
Chas & Dave are Tottenham supporters, so should not be played in an authentic West Ham pub.
Do people still play board games in pubs?
I was at another one recently and ok, while it was more of a hotel than a pub now, it had a huge selection of boxed games to choose from in the bar - which incidentally, was deserted!
All I can suppose is there's little else to do at a pub on a large roundabout under the A40 flyover!
Don’t forget the beer garden of the Little Driver.
Hmmm, Devons Road. I'll be like MKIan in having one to look forward to, if it's the one I'm thinking of. One single old building, facing a small park, amidst a sea of newbuilds. I don't know if there was any particular reason they saved it, but it's good that they did. The Duke of Cambridge.

dg writes: They didn't save it. It's three flats.
This is the same Bow Bells where a police officer was stabbed a couple of years back. Despite living only 5 minutes from this pub for 2 years I never did find the desire to try it out. Thank you for doing so for me!
The policeman was stabbed in the alleyway next door which is nothing to do with the pub. The Bobby Moore picture predated the move to the London Stadium and l think the 1971 price list is original, not facsimile. The copy of The Spectator was mine.
^ OMG! :O :O :O
But this time I checked before writing, by looking at Reeves Road on Google Streetview before putting fingers to keyboard.
I'm really quite saddened to learn that this little oasis of a bygone age is now just another part of the past.
Very sorry to hear that Beck's is in decline. The AB Inbev website shows it as their no 2 brand - well OK, they are in alphabetical order - but worryingly the item displayed is the Beck's Blue non-alcoholic variety. Perhaps you could try Bremen for your next getaway and visit the brewery?
can confirm games are still played in pubs! At the Leyton Tech we play battleships or scrabble most Saturday afternoons

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