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Since the theme seemed to be topics that appear boring on the surface, but can in fact be interesting; I believe you can run the entire show yourself, DG! VERY few people could make the Rail Replacement Safari riveting, but you manage it somehow.

Boring maybe; dull, never.

Agreed, I'd very much like to hear any of these, and was just thinking the same thing about train indicator signs last week. I vote for rail bus safari, or London's polar regions.

Thanks to your post yesterday, I'm considering making a special trip back to the UK to attend Boring 2012; if you were to reveal the nature of the Mystery Count (or show us the special jamjar) I'd DEFINITELY be there.

As Waterhouse wrote; your are one of the few sites I visit every day.

Often boring rarely dull very adictive

Whoops! addictive

Well, I really look forward to your annual census/count. I guess I must be bored?

Actually the Bow Road station redevelopment was quite thrilling. Particularly the conkers reports!

Oooh, the kitchen cupboards! In fact it made me clean out mine. So that was very useful. Not boring at all.

Nothing is ever boring when it gets the DG treatment.

The Bow Road tube station redevelopment was a classic. One of its many fine features was the glacial pace of the action (although "action" is probably too strong a word).

I'd love to have you as a speaker. My vote is for either No.2, No.4 or No.8.

Cheers James!

I think No.2 is probably the winner - No.4 is far too introspective and No.8 is far too interesting.

But unless you can organise Boring 2012 with no publicity, no media presence and nobody sitting in the audience, then sadly not.

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