please empty your brain below

Also, if I were TfL (which thankfully I'm not) I wouldn't be drawing attention to the fact that getting a seat is exceptional.
This will end badly, at some point one of their reservoir of tweets will be from someone who is in hospital on a life support machine or has subsequently died, yet they'll pop up in a TfL PR feed saying how wonderful everything is.

On your table the tweet days late column gets higher, then there is a reset to 'only' 45 days late and it starts climbing again.
I too am astonished that anyone at TfL would take the time to highlight that something which ought to be a reasonable customer expectation is actually highly unusual.
I also immediately thought what Sarah said !
Could someone please set up a site to retweet all the derogatory Tfl comments? Perhaps on a Friday morning.
This is just one example of why TfL as an organisation is bloated, far too many roles doing “nicey” and irrelevant things that bring no value to the services it runs.
I thought along the lines of Still Anon.

I would be mightily peeved if I saw a cheery tweet from someone who had subsequently had something bad happen to them....which of course it did in a personal way to the lady in question.
The staff replying to @TfL tweets are doing a sterling job behind the scenes on a one-to-one basis.

Whoever feeds the top-level PR sausage machine, rather less so.
Well spotted!

I can't be bothered to check, but I'm assuming now that the Tube station anagram tweets are posted to a regular schedule too...
TfL Anagram tweets - every Sunday at 6pm.

Guess The Station - every Wednesday at 2pm.
Well, no surprise there. Yes, it is possible to work out the tweet schedule for a lot of twitter accounts. I occasionally find something interesting in the stream of retweeted crap and other utter nonsense but, it is a mind numbing activity looking! Some bloggers have schedules too but their content is far more interesting....
I was confused by the "I've only gone and had..." Still can't figure out what that construction means. It's not grammar I myself would have used.
I'll look out for that next Sunday!
Thank you DG for being on Twitter so I don't have to.
I's suggest to Kate that if she doesn't want an "unpleasant reminder" about something, not posting in public on social media might be a good idea.

As for "no credit" TFL have posted her tweet with her name clearly visible. What more does she want? *rolls eyes*

Although TFL have indeed been deceptive with their post, if you make a tweet in the public domain, it's frankly ludicrous to then complain when the tweet is retweeted!
Twitter works by tweets being shared around by being retweeted. This can happen anytime after the original tweet is made.

It's entirely possible that tweets made by someone before something unpleasant happened to them are shared after said nasty event.

Twitter is no different than any social media site such as Youtube, Instagram or Facebook or blogsites

If one posts on social media then one can expect said post to be shared, reposted or commented on. That's how they work.

If anyone has concerns about that my suggestion is not to post on social media.
@TfL are still doing it.

The 9am Customer Praise Tweet on 2nd September 2018 was from 334 days ago on 3rd October 2018.
I guess someone is getting paid to sit in a cushy office somewhere to do these retweet’s.
TFL should use the money for something useful.
This morning's Customer Praise tweet was at 7.56am, not 9am
...and from six days ago, not 11 months ago.

So somebody at @TfL has finally woken up.
Once again 7.56am, but from three weeks ago. A supposed #MondayMotivation, but originally tweeted on a Tuesday.

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