please empty your brain below

the comment " I just had a dig through my spare room and I can't currently locate it." made me think of the Hoarders programmes you see on TV and had a vision of your spare room piled high to the ceiling with Train tickets, old maps and other paraphernalia as you frequently say you never get rid of anything!
Dangerous water from 1980? Bit early for Chernobyl-polluted water.

Dangerous because it might get taken? John Lennon's tears?
There's plenty of water to be seen on the live camera on the International Space Station
Ooh an excellently timed piece, as I'm going to be in town today and was wondering what I could do to fill some time!
Had planned to the TfL museum, as my annual ticket expires today, but I think I've seen enough buses recently! :D
Thanks for mentioning this. I've seen things in the Deadhouse before, but wasn't aware of Museum of Water before your piece. Went today and thought it was wonderful. The staff were giving deeper background to some of the donations.

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