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So did you go trouser shopping instead?

That's some amazing history. I think the astonishing history of social responsibility of the British is sometimes almost taken for granted. The first to abolish slavery, first to establish the Salvation Army, etc.... a noble tradition led often by ordinary citizens.

The Barnardo village.

in Sidcup in Kent there was a place called the Hollies.Reading here about the Barnardo village it seems the Hollies was the same design and set up but I dont know if it was anything to do with Dr B's.
Time to start surfing.

Here we go

Kosher photos of the synagogue interior here:

(Philip Walkers website)

You write under Bevis Marks.. "another Saturday, another synagogue".
I also went there, but on Sunday as it was open for "Open House" on Sunday morning. Saturday is the Jewish Sabath so open for worship then.

dg writes: oops, yes, Sunday, obviously, sorry.

Wow, you did really well at Open House this year. Great round-up.

Barnardo's Village sounds fascinating. I seem to have overlapped with you in Southwark and Bishopsgate - where, bizarrely, the plants had disappeared from outside the Old Turkish Baths by the time I visited!

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