please empty your brain below

Someone had to _invent_ these?

Budapest also uses them I believe. At least they did when I went there three years ago.
I've got some of those as well.
Yes, Arney, I can confirm I saw some in Budapest on my most recent trip there, a few months ago.
Yes they are still quite common in continental Europe. I have 2 for Wuppertal alone; one for the city map & the other for the brilliant Schwebebahn (the Danglebahn) plus a transport one for Amsterdam and larger A5 size ones for Sachsen transport and one for Abellio Rail in Saale-Thuringen. I must hunt down the rest of my collection.
i was given one by a Member while lost in Kew Gardens last year. I find it handier than my phone as i don't have to find somewhere shady in order to read it nor do any scrolling.
Despite being in my 50s I think I must have already joined the ranks of 'the elderly', as I much prefer to carry folded bits of paper than try to find anything on my phone, even it it was of a high enough spec to allow it!

I can whip out a leaflet and find what we're looking for before my husband has even got the app to open!
Guessing that you might be a bit of a hoarder DG, are you spring cleaning, cataloging stuff (ride down memory lane) or heaven forbid, actually having a clearout!

Rant coming - During my exercise walks I note that to alleviate the boredom of being at home, people are having a clearout. Or as they call it, 'cataloging' stuff onto the street.
In roads near me there must be at least a threefold increase in items left on the pavement branded 'free - please help yourself'. And most of it appears to be only fit for the skip or your currently closed local recycling centre. Example:- Completely dismantled (as in ripped out) white, plastic faced, kitchen units - anyone? Thanks, needed to get that off my chest.
Pocket leaflets can still be useful, as unfolded they're considerably larger than a phone screen, so better for maps in some circumstances

I still find "paper" has its place, for example when following a walk it's far easier to follow printed out instructions than on a phone screen, and a tablet becomes too unwieldy
What's quicker. Look at the map of a town or city in a Z-Card or on your mobile phone. I don't think it's always the mobile phone! Especially when you consider the size of their screens.
We were still giving them out to students earlier this year, for things like 'Your Exam Dos and Don'ts'. I think perhaps on the basis that paper now has such novelty value they'd be more likely to read it.
TfL seems to have been a good customer - I have one from 2004 for the "Know What You're Getting Into" campaign against unlicensed cabs. It's not a pretty example of the genre, having a photo of cab touts outside a nightclub with a caption saying "which one's the rapist?" followed by information on using proper taxis and licensed minicabs. I'm not sure they'd put it in that way today, but it was responding to a spate of incidents at the time. Now, of course, the cabs are summoned directly form the screen too.

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