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Superb article, dg!

I’m showing my age by thinking “that’s gone up to £5 now?!” for several items on that list.

I’d like to venture my own entry - a swim at Parliament Hill Lido.

dg writes:: see paragraph 1.
Tim Hunkin also has two new series called The Secret Life of Components on his YouTube channel, which complement the Channel 4 series which is also there.

He also talks about some of the problems he's had to overcome to make the machines reliable.
I hope that's your doormat and not your living room carpet.
Well that's my morning productivity demolished, Still Anon.
Thanks Still Anon, that's my morning's work gone.
By coincidence I got the boat from Barking Riverside to Woolwich last Sunday. No one checked my ticket, so I could have done it for free.
Not a bad list.
We are also lucky to have so many free entry places, compared to other major cities.
The Genesis cinema Mile End Road lets you in for a fiver Monday-Thursday.

dg writes: ...and A Clockwork Orange tomorrow evening is only £2.50 to celebrate the cinema's 24th birthday.
Nice one. "Best (unusual) things that London has to offer for free" would be another interesting list.

dg writes: Indeed, and also incredibly long.

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