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The trouble with PR stuff is that it is sometimes actually true. If you could rely on it being merely company spin then life would be so much easier when one wants to tear press releases to pieces.

Its a bit like getting horse racing tips from an unreliable source. If you could be sure that they were always wrong then one could usefully rely on that information not to bet on that horse.

Wednesday's posting might read like a PR puff but for once, from the public's perspective, there really is no downside. Its OK to be cynical but don't make it the default state. Life is better than that.
So, apart from the bits shared with proper-sized trains (Bakerloo beyondf Queens Park, Piccy at Ealing Common), when IS the next scheduled weekend closure of a deep tube line?
There are (currently) no scheduled weekend closures on any Night Tube line. Which was the whole point of the post. Perhaps I should just have written that and stopped.
Anyone would think that people had to pay to read here and that you got paid to write this stuff.

Do you not wonder why you bother sometimes?
There are unlikely to be any Night Tubes (or indeed any other Tube, Overground, TfL Rail or tram) services in this borough in my lifetime, so the whole thing is academic. Very Interesting though.

(nearest Tube, Overground and tram all four miles, nearest Night Tube 5.5 miles)
I'm glad dg bothers, Blue Witch. These two posts illustrated, to me, how subtle PR-speak can be (and I'm no spring chicken).
It would have been a story if TfL had introduced the night tube, and then scheduled weekend closures.

Effectively TfL have managed the 'Janet & John' level of competence that would have been expected - introduce night tube, remember not to close these lines at weekends = no adverse media coverage, simples!
As you were .. carry on DG. Some of us understood what was going on! :-)
@Blue Witch. If people read DG's blog and did not have an opinion then that would be the time for him to pack it in.
You write what you want to write. If anyone doesn't like it, they can always ask for their money back. Keep up the excellent work.
Absolutely agree with Waterhouse above. I suspect that a lot of people read your posts DG and quietly enjoy them without commenting.

This means that moans and complaints get undue prominence.
Funny enough I agree with both points of view. Lets be honest...where else on the web would you find such detailed information and analysis on all types of transport in London? We take it for granted that on a daily basis we open up DG's blog and there will be an excellent thought provoking report. Nothing wrong with different points of view or positive criticism. I stress the word positive. Please keep up the good work DG.

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