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At Capel Manor, we describe ourselves as an environmental college, rather than an agricultural one (which conjures up pictures of combine harvesters and cowsheds, which we don't do) - in fact we are London's Environmental College. I'm a governor.
Sorry. I wrote "environmental college" last time (and now it says that this time).
Congratulations for nailing this!
Presuming that you visited sometime in the past week, it was the elite players of the England football team that were training at the THFC training ground - not the multinational shambles of the current Spurs team.
I now have the music used at the end of Record Breakers going through my head - "Dedication"....
Am guessing Gilmour Close is not a publically maintained right of way; hence the poor metalling and barriers. But why, then, the municipal road-sign?

dg writes: indeed.
A Google Images search against " bulls cross lodge en7" pulls up a picture of it.
The map you link to shows nearby what appears to be a footpath over an aqueduct over the M25 - the motorwayside path which you eschew would lead to it. It turns out that you have covered this New River Path most thoroughly and entertainingly when you walked the whole thing.
One can only admire that colossal late 1950s stone chimney of the boarding kennels bungalow.
Gilmour Close is indeed a mystery, as it was the northbound road before the Motorway arrived. Can roads be "privatised" in his way?

Bulls Cross Ride is quite a handy way to visit the pleasant Green Belt area on the other side of the M25.
The Geographers' London Atlas of 1964 clearly shows Capel House [as was] in the Waltham Cross postal delivery area. I'd say the address was given a new postcode after the M25 was constructed, even though the access was off Bullsmoor Lane
Worth the wait 👏 Though wondering now who Gilmour was and why Bulls Cross Ride got diverted.
Mistakes like these make the blog keeps giving pleasant surprises. Hats off for this sophisticated visit!
Back in the day, before the M25, you could travel up what is now Gilmour Close to Temple Bar.

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