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This is a typical piece of pre-election bribery straight out of the Boris Johnson playbook.
This is par for the course for Khan's electioneering. Talk big about something he doesn't actually have the powers to deliver: the original fares freeze applying to Travelcards/caps, Southeastern services becoming Overground, Oxford Street pedestrianisation. Then afterwards he can attack those who "blocked" his plans.
That's one of those "I would be really, really be happy to be proved wrong" things. I'm not betting on the Train Operating Companies buying into it.
If Fridays are deemed to be off peak, then presumably Oyster 60+ cards & Freedom Passes will also work before 9am (or 0930 on National Rail), which also presumably would also apply to buses and trams. We will see ...
The whole point of working a 'long' Mon-Thurs is for the 3 day weekend, why would you want to ruin that by travelling into London again.
Of course it's a pre election ruse. But all the same, I feel he has to do this sort of thing. In an ideal world such tricks would be unnecessary. But we are where we are, so I say "bring it on". This is no time for squeamishness.
Wonder what TFL project will end up getting cancelled to fund this!
Anyone else thinking 'dead cat'?
Almost certainly trying to force public opinion to get the DfT to budge... which to be fair may be worth a shot given how they seem allergic to any type of innovation.

But yes, very odd of them to present this like a done deal aside from a single bullet point in the Notes to Editors section.

Most likely, just like in the fare freeze, the caps will have to stay the same. Better than nothing, but the fare scale is becoming a mess with NR being at a 'premium' price (for a not so premium service) which disadvantages mostly South London. The same sort of thing which led to Fares Fair being killed off by an angry Bromley Council using that pretext if I recall correctly.
From what I gather this has been announced without actually discussing it with the relevant people at TfL first to check how feasible it is to do at what is actually quite short notice. Days of the week are pretty much hard-baked into the system and a clunky quick-fix solution would result in every price being off-peak on Fridays including all TOC-set payg fares and paper tickets.

This wouldn't be the first time this Mayor or the previous one has dreamed up something that could have been so much better if only he'd thought to discuss it first. For all his faults, the only Mayor who apparently did involve those who actually knew how things worked was Ken Livingstone.
Maybe he made the announcement Friday to give you time to analyse it for Monday!
I believe ScotRail are trialling doing away with peak fares altogether.
Yes it’s a bit of electioneering but a perfect time to test innovations and force the agenda. If you don't like it vote someone else.

Since the pandemic Monday and Friday journeys have dropped, trying this may extend the growing success of leisure travel at weekends to a Friday - and increase revenues. It’s a trial.
Lowering the daily zonal caps at the weekend is potentially entirely within TfL's remit, easy to set up systemically and would be almost as good a message (and encouraging people to stay longer in London). Leave the weekly cap as is (reducing the numbers of hitting that cap presumably).

Wouldn't help people who wanted to buy a travelcard from further away but they won't have a vote in London anyway.
Re electioneering — Sunak’s/Hunt’s pledge to “cut taxes” three times before the general election is, of course, just because the government feels sorry for all those people who can’t pay their utility bills and/or mortgages (especially ex-Cabinet Ministers on £120k a year), then.

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