please empty your brain below

My childhood home! I lived on Barn Way for many years (which leads up to the pond you visited) and indeed until last year my father still did.

Going sledging around the snowy slopes of Barn Hill is one of many memories I have of happy times there...

I've just started the Capital Ring. I imagine it is one of those things you do once and then never again.

Just a clarifying question: Were the homes near Wembley Stadium paved over because the owners regularly parked there, or because they make money from renting the spaces out on match days?

Hope you weren't out late enough to be saturated, the way I was (under my umbrella) walking home from the shops.

Owners regularly parking, definitely. No room in the street for two cars per house.

Excellent report on Barn Hill DG. My old school was Kingsbury County Grammar and our cross country run was up and around Barn Hill. Very wet muddy and quite unpleasant I seem to remember.
In the mid 80's there was a massive gypsy encampment on Barn Hill. Brent Council were truly bonkers at that time and did their level best to anger the local residents by doing as little as possible to clear the site. Remember, this was when Brent Council declared Brent a "Nuclear free zone". Mad or what?
Kingsbury County Grammar and Tylers Croft Secondary Modern merged to form Kingsbury High School. Some famous ex pupils... Charlie Watts, George Michael,Courtney Pine, Susan Maughan, James Hanratty.
The Kingsbury and Wembley I remember from my youth are long gone.
One more fascinating bit of information about the Welsh Harp. When it was a Pleasure Gardens there used to be horse, greyhound and cycle racing, which brought in massive crowds in the latter part of the 19th century.

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