please empty your brain below

Actually the rolled up pylon *isn't* the gallery's only exhibit. It may be the only >major< exhibit but - if you'd gone to the other end - you might have seen they also have a miniature Emirates Cablecar (aka Dangleway)!
Can't believe you missed it!
Yes, I went around Ravensbourne last year ( and found it equally impressive, even though my guide was a student, rather than a member of staff.

You wouldn't have many excuses not to succeed after studying there.
In an industry where almost all the larger companies have stopped training their technical staff and where there's a large proportion of freelancers, Ravensbourne performs the important task of keeping skill-sets up to strength with short-courses and workshops.
Very glad they moved into London, tho ...
In Hong Kong, Jardine House looks similar to Ravensbourne.

The Cantonese call it, "The Building of a Thousand Arseholes."

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