please empty your brain below

I don't believe it is more than 8 miles diect from Waitrose Canary Wharf to Thamesmead - according to Google Maps directions putting in E145ew and Thamesmead as the start and end points, it is 8.9 miles. That inolves going all the way up the blackwall tunnel approach, through the tunnel and then doing a U turn at the North side - it surely must be less than 8 miles as the crow flies.

Additionally the Waitrose website seems to think Stratford City is near Chrisp Street market...
I make it just under six miles in a straight line from Thamesmead to Canary Wharf, and six miles to Stratford City. & yes that Stratford City location on their website is very wrong!
That Waitrose Branch finder is doing something very strange, that's for sure.
I'm sure a post listing the deficiencies of the Waitrose Branch Finder website would be far more entertaining.

Also, I suspect I know what the connection between all those places you went to on Thursday is. Can I assume you visited the Museum of London's Sainsbury Collection?
There used to be a Waitrose branch on the Uxbridge Road in Hayes, about two miles or so from West Drayton. It closed in 1999 and the site is now home to Lidl.
Those are not straight line distances. Put in somewhere near a natural boundary, like Tilbury, and it will list Dartford as closer than Bluewater, (and Hornchurch nearer than Upminster) I suspect that these are distances using aaroutefinder or the like. (Lydney illustrates this well)

By the way, I assume "Hayes" is Middlesex, not Kent 9which has a branch just over two miles away in Bromley)

I've updated the post, in the light of the above information, thanks.
Waitrose were meant to open up a branch in Sidcup which would have made this article look quite different! They've pulled out now though.
I don't think Ilford is 5 miles away from South Woodford where there is a branch of Waitrose. Is Barking more than 5 miles away from South Woodford?

You could also probably include Buckhurst Hill (another branch there) as being less than 5 miles from Ilford too.
The Brockley/Nunhead/East Dulwich area nearly belongs on this list, being 4.9-ish miles from Beckenham, Wapping or Balham (depending on where exactly you search).
I believe a Waitrose is due to open between Greenwich and Deptford on Creek Road next year which will take some of the SE London neighbourhoods off the list...
Try living in the north and looking for your nearest Waitrose *sob*
159 Queens Crescent appears on Streetview with nothing to show that the second Sainsbury's shop was there.

There is a a pallet and some litter in front of the building though, possibly shop or market-related. It's in front of a sign that says 'Do not put your rubbish here'!
What I'd like to know is what is the greatest distance one can be in London from a Tesco. It seems as if I spot another one every day. The most recent being this rather interesting example I learn it has been there a couple of years, but there are plenty of new ones springing up too. Oh dear.
Ah yes Scott, but is it worse than living in the south in a Wilkinsons desert?
@ Sarah, there are now quite a few Wilkinsons branches in the south now. I've seen one in Stratford (E15) and one in Canterbury, and I'm sure there are more
Wilkinson's Store finder shows well over a dozen in Greater London, although the nearest three to "london" appear to be Tooting, Stratford and Wood green, all about 6 miles.

You get a strange result if you put Wick into Tesco's storefinder - apparently its sixth nearest store is
in Poole.

Castlebay, on the Isle of Barra, is over 100 miles from the nearest two tescos, in Stornoway and Oban.

Amusingly, Tresco is 44 miles from the nearest Tesco.
Interesting way to measure the level of affluency I suppose!
Brockley? (Just over 5 miles to Beckenham)

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