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You've sold me on rope making!

Whilst visiting Scottish castles we discovered a hitherto latent interest in regimental history.

A half year pass if it is closed in Winter!

dg writes: Winter, in this case, is weekdays in November and all of December and January. So that's (approximately) a four-fifths year pass.

Nitpick - diesel submarines aren't likely to be seen under the ice caps.

Thanks for that. I'd been meaning to visit for ages, so went down months back. Was amazed/annoyed by the ticket price ( £25 for two ) so decided against going in, and ended up spending a whole lot more on Christmas shopping in the "Outlet Shopping" just next door.......

I shall be using the National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck line in conversation today, and passing the acronym gag off as my own.


look out for special one-off guided tours on various odd days

note to DG: scott and myself visited and on that particular day they were taking people up into the very top roof space of the ropery
and also one of the restored georgian gardens of the officers terrace - and of course the revisit ticket is a big bonus - (dont they do the revisit ticket at the docklands museum too?)

Ahah. I travel around on BA planes a fair bit and have noticed that the most frequently named plane I catch on short haul is called Chatham Naval Dockyard or something similar. To be frank, its the only one I can recall having name.

Now I don't know if I've just been remarkably 'lucky' to catch the same plane to lots of destinations, or whether there's a whole squadron(?) of planes with this name?

Is this something like old railway locomotives where they all have different names, or did they just bosh out a single name and slap it on all of the A320s (or whatever type it is)?

Any insights?

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